How To inspire Your Princess With Disney’s Dream Big Princess Book

We’re working with Put Me in the Story to tell you about the fabulous Disney’s Dream Big; Princess personalized book for kids. All opinions are our own.

Disney's Dream Big, Princess personalized book for kids from Put Me in the Story is a great way to encourage positivity and a love of reading in your little princess! Check it out!

So many little girls dream of being princesses, and I know my little girl is one of them. She dresses up in her princess dresses regularly, twirling and dancing in our living room. She curtseys with her imaginary mice, her imaginary friend and at that moment she is a girl living out her dreams. So when Disney’s Dream Big, Princess personalized book for kids from Put Me in the Story arrived at our door with her picture and name right inside, she was all smiles!

Put Your Child Right In The Story With Disney’s Dream Big, Princess Personalized Book for Kids


Most of us know a little girl who dreams of being a princess whether that’s your daughter, granddaughter, or another favorite kid in your life. These personal books are such a sweet gift. On the inside cover is a place to put a dedication to your child. In here, you can encourage them to be strong and follow their dreams. Your words alongside their favorite princess are simply magical for a young girl’s self-esteem and confidence. There are also two places where you can include a personal picture in the book.


Princesses today do so much more than wear cute dresses! Disney’s Dream Big, Princess book can inspire your child to be their best selves, to stay positive and to care about the world around them.

Inspiring Princesses To Be Their Best Selves



As we flipped through the book, my kid was excited to see one of her favorite princesses, Belle! Belle has always been one of my favorites as she is a reader and a dreamer. On Belle’s page, we were asked to fill in some of my child’s favorite books. My daughter was so excited that we had to narrow it down to her favorite types of books,  which she announced on her own were princess books, adventure books, fairy tales and books about school and friends. I think she’s getting into this!

Inspiring Princesses To Be Positive And Determined


Being positive is not always an easy thing to do. Kids are still learning about their emotions and how to handle it when they feel big things. I was impressed by how many of the princesses in this book were encouraging my kid to be positive. Princess Cinderella is a great example of a princess who stayed positive and kept trying even when things weren‘t going her way. Cinderella is another favorite in our house, so we spent a long time talking about her story. Merida, Tiana, and Jasmine also offered stories about keeping your chin up.

Inspiring Princesses To Care About The World Around Them


Though my kid hasn’t yet seen the story of Princess Pocahontas, this book was an excellent way to start! Pocahontas encouraged her to respect the earth by doing things such as growing flowers and recycling. I liked how there were real examples in this book that my child could relate to. Other stories encouraged her to be a good friend and of course to have a big adventure.

The book is a winner and truly would make such a great gift. It’s an excellent mix of positive encouragement and personalization that makes it extra special. I think this book also makes a great keepsake that includes some of my child’s thoughts and dreams when she was younger, and even has her picture right inside. This book will be inspiring her for a long time, and one day we will look back on her picture inside and smile. Maybe she will even read it to her daughter.


Visit Put Me in the Story to personalize and order the Disney Dream Big, Princess Storybook for your special little girl! The book retails for $39.99 for hardcover or $24.99 for paperback. Follow them on Facebook and  Twitter to keep up with the news. Check out Put Me in the Story on Instagram & Pinterest for inspiration and a peek at their other fabulous personalized books for kids.

Have you seen the Disney Princess Dream Big Storybook? Tell me who you would gift this book to in the comments!

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  1. I love personalized items but I never saw a book you could add your own photo. This is so innovative and it will remind her she will always be a princess!

  2. That’s such a lovely campaign and one that will empower young women to strive for what they truly want in life. I’m sure my daughter will love this too! Who doesn’t want to be a strong princess anyway!

  3. I just adore the Dream Big, Princess campaign. It’s wonderful to see role models for girls that are strong, kind, and smart too. I know my daughters would adore being able to see themselves alongside their favorite princesses.

  4. What a beautiful personalized book! Any little girl would feel special getting this book. Little girls adore Disney princesses, and this is an extra special way to connect them with their favorite characters.

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