Everything You Need for the Best Fall “Dinner and a Movie” Night at Home

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When falls rolls around, it brings along chilly temperatures and rainy days, making it harder to find fun things to do outdoors. This doesn’t mean the fun has to end! The indoors has plenty of fun times to offer as well. You just need to use your imagination a bit! Whether you’re looking for a date night idea or something for the whole family, you really can’t go wrong with dinner and a movie at home. I partnered with BabbleBoxx to  share all the essentials you need to make it an absolute success!

All the Essentials for an Amazing “Dinner & a Movie” Night at Home


Dinner Mixers by Tastefully Simple

For the “dinner” part of our dinner and a movie night, we used the recipe and spices from the Dinner Mixers kit. All we had to do was get the extra items needed and then use the premade collection of spices to make the dinner and side dish. Let me tell you, it was delicious and half of us went back for seconds. I’m always tripping over myself when it comes to selecting the right seasonings for my family’s meals. I want it to be unique and the Dinner Mixers seasonings definitely were. Check out all the yummy Dinner Mixers by Tastefully Simple here, plus save $5  by using promo code DINNERMIXERS at checkout through 11/15/16. Check out Tastefully Simple on Facebook to keep up with news and more offers.

Chef’n Twist’ n Sprout and  Stalkchop


While waiting for dinner to finish up, we used our new brussels sprouts prep tool  to make a tasty and healthy appetizer. It was super easy to use and made the task of making brussels sprouts much quicker than usual. We also chopped up some cauliflower with our new Chef’ n Stalkchop for an addition to the brussels sprouts appetizer. I’ve always hated getting fresh cauliflower because it was a pain to get down to the root of those stalks. This tool made it feel like a breeze.  Check out the Chef’n Twist’ n Sprout and  Chef’ n Stalkchop then save 20% plus FREE SHIPPING with code fallprep at checkout through November 10th 2016! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with news.

Popcorn, Indiana Kettle Corn


Movie time! We picked out a fabulously frightening movie that was just perfect for the season, then settled in with our snacks. Of course, you can’t watch a good flick without popcorn, right? We got a tasty sample of Popcorn, Indiana Kettle Corn along with a coupon for a full-size bag. We went with the sweet and salty, but you can find everything from Sea Salt to Chicago Style Caramel to Cheese & Smoky Queso. They even have absolutely amazing drizzled popcorn! All of the varieties are made with non-GMO corn and are certified gluten-free. We loved the fresh taste and the fact that it wasn’t overly oily like some popcorn brands. Check out Popcorn, Indiana to see all their yummy flavors, then visit them on Facebook!

Peanut Butter & Co. Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter


You know what makes a great movie snack? Apple slices with pumpkin spice peanut butter! Yes, you heard me right, pumpkin spice peanut butter. The rich taste made the fall spirit of the evening settle in even more. It’s made with real pumpkin and is tasty on much more than just bread. It’s made right here in the USA with non-GMO peanuts and contains not one bit of cholesterol, trans fat, or hydrogenated oils. Not to mention, it’s dairy and soy free!  What’s even neater, is the company has some pretty amazing recipes using their pumpkin spice peanut butter on their website. If you liked it as much as we did, go grab some more and don’t forget to use your $1 off coupon when you do!

Wet Ones


All those yummy treats made for some pretty sticky situations. Since we didn’t want to jump up and wash our hands every five minutes during the movies, we used Wet Ones to keep our hands clean. They wipe out 99.9% of germs, yet they’re still super gentle on our skin. I keep packs of them all over the place: around my house, in my purse, my car, pretty much everywhere. That way, I never have to deal with dirty hands. Check out the Wet Ones  website to learn more.

Overall, our fall evening turned out to be a success thanks to all these awesome “dinner and a movie” essentials! You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time at home during the fall. As long as you’re spending time with the people you love, just about anything goes! Be sure to visit all the websites for the fabulous products mentioned above & use those discount codes before the deadlines!

How do you make your dinner and movie nights special at home? Share in the comments!


42 thoughts on “Everything You Need for the Best Fall “Dinner and a Movie” Night at Home”

  1. You had me at pumpkin spice peanut butter. I am obviously missing out in life by not having this. I love movie night at home – now if I can only stay awake for the movie. lol

  2. Movie Night is always so much fun at home and we organize them atleast once in a month. I would love to have that Pumpkin Spice, those hand wipes from Wet Ones and that brussels sprouts tool could be of great use as well.

  3. Christina Aliperti

    We do movie night each week and we always pick a theme. So the movies, snacks, etc. all follow the theme for the night.

  4. These are great! I love that there are gadgets that make the food prep so much easier as well. I love watching movies with my kids and we never forget about the snacks!

  5. Pumpkin spice peanut butter! Yes, please!! I will have to pick some of that up before the season is over. Oh, and I love kettle corn. It’s always kettle corn when we have our movie nights.

  6. I have never seen a brussels sprout tool! How cool is that? We love to do family movie nights, I make popcorn on the stove and we all pile on the couch together.

  7. Angela @marathonsandmotivation.com

    These products all look great! I am especially keen on that Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter…Yum!! Can’t wait to try it :-)

  8. Ok what is pumpkin spice peanut butter and why have I never heard about it!? We just started doing a family movie night when my husband gets home from a work trip and we love it!

  9. That twist and sprout is so cool. I’m not a fan of brussel sprouts but that is one seriously cool gadget. I’m all about things that help you in the kitchen! Everything you have for movie nights is awesome! My husband would love the pumpkin spice peanut butter!

  10. I can tell movie night is a total hit in your home! I just about died when I saw that pumpkin spice peanut butter. Why have I never tried that before? It’s going on my shopping list right now!

  11. Hey there, fellow Missourian! This looks like a fantastic fall date night! That peanut butter sounds amazing! I am glad you mentioned apple slices, that is the perfect way to enjoy it.

  12. Pumpkin spice peanut butter is my first pick from, all great items on the list here. The Chef’n Twist’ n Sprout and Stalkchop though, is something interesting, never seen a tool like it before. A movie night at home is always great, especially there’s a special snack we can enjoy while watching movies.

  13. I love brussel sprouts and have to tell you I’ve never seen anything like the tool ever, but we do love a good movie night!

  14. We are doing a diy pizza and movie night tonight! So fun! Also we are big fans of Peanut Butter & Co. I had NO idea there is a pumpkin spice flavor! Adding to my list!

  15. Out of all thos great looking products I definitely would try the pumpkin spice peabut butter. Sweet qnd savory popcorn is my favorite! We always have popcorn with movies.

  16. Oh my goodness. I have never seen that pumpkin spice peanut butter before but it needs to come home with me immediately. I love that you’ve included tons of treats for a family movie night that are better than handfuls of candy.

  17. So many great items! we love having family movie night and do them weekly! That peanut butter looks pretty fantastic!

  18. Catherine Sargent

    A movie and dinner night in sounds like a great idea and that peanut butter sounds amazing. My son and I like to do have a movie night at least once a month. We always make popcorn and have cookies or cake.

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