Delight Your Disney Fans and Little Dancers With Just Dance Disney Party #JDDisney

Just Dance Disney

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Do you have a fan of dancing and Disney in your house? If so, they’re in a for a big treat with the Just Dance Disney Party game for the Wii! The game not only encourages the whole family to get active, it lets you dance to all your favorite Disney songs from nearly two dozen different movies and Disney Channel original series. Twirl around like Belle from Beauty in the Beast to the hit song “Be Our Guest,” or dance like a mermaid with Ariel to “Under the Sea.” With 24 different songs, you’ll be dancing the night away!
One of the coolest features of Just Dance Disney Party is that you don’t just dance to the classic hit Disney songs, you can also sing along! The words to the song appear along with the dance instructions, so even if someone is sitting out a round, they can still be involved in a sing-along party!

If you have a large family, you could break into teams and play together to score the most points. Cooperation is the key to getting that high score, so the game really teaches your kids to work together. It’s also really easy for kids to play on their own with the easy navigation menu! Pop in the game while you’re making dinner and your kids can dance their hearts out while you prepare a healthy meal.

My Review of Just Dance Disney Party

My 5 year-old princess is taking dance classes and I figured that the Just Dance Disney Party WII game would be a great fit for her. With reason. She just fell in love with it! She enjoyed learning new dance movements with her favorite Disney songs! Her favorite songs were the Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo – Cinderella! You can choose the songs individually or with a shuffle mode. My daughter loves the shuffle mode because she can dance for longer. You can set the mode for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or more!

Some songs such as Shake it Up are suitable for tweens. The movements are a little complicated for a 5 year-old but my daughter gives it a try though! She says: This song is for big girls but I want to try!

As a parent, I love this Just Dance Disney Party game because it encourages physical activity! I can check how many calories my daughter burned or for how long she played in the Parent mode. I don’t have to worry if the songs are proper for her age or not! The game features 25 Disney songs that are suitable for a young audience.

I like that we can play it as a family. The game allows up to 4 players! My 11 year-old son wasn’t very enthusiast about it but he loved dancing with all of us! What a great family activity!


 Just Dance Disney Party Features

There are two menu options: Dance, Parents

  • In the Parents menu track your children’s progress including calories burned and points earned as well as get health tips.
  • Create playlists, pick individual songs or play in non-stop shuffle mode
  • 25 songs a good mix of classics and new favourites.
  • Up to 4 players

Where to buy: You can purchase Just Dance Disney Party just about any place that Wii games are sold, or on Amazon.

14 thoughts on “Delight Your Disney Fans and Little Dancers With Just Dance Disney Party #JDDisney”

  1. My daughter would be in heaven! Not only would she be excited I am allowing her to play video games, but disney at that. I currently ban my daughter from video games since she is someone who will do educational activities without a fuss and will run around the yard for hours. I guess I am a little old school with my kids. I personally hate my guys playing video games but we do have for those dreadful rainy days!

  2. Aww, it looks like she’s having a blast! Thanks for sharing; I’ve been wanting one of these Just Dance games for awhile and it looks like this one may be fun for my boys and for me!

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