5 Funny Parenting Books that Tell it Like it Is

Looking for the best parenting books to read that really tell it like it is? Check out these funny books for women that give you a realistic look at motherhood!

If you’re looking for the best parenting books, pick up one of these that really tell it like it is!  There are a lot of excellent books about parenting out there. Many of them are a helpful resource for any number of questions that parents may have along the way.  These reads fall into the category that I like to call the “Parenting In Theory Book.”  They provide information, but they, unfortunately, can’t help you figure out why your toddler just threw a bowl of cereal in your face. Or why your newborn has been red-faced and screaming for literally four hours when you know you’ve met all her basic needs. They also don’t tell you how you’re supposed to be the spouse you once were to your partner before adding children to the mix, which literally changed EVERYTHING.

Luckily, there are a few books out there that can help with all of those things!  The following is a short list of the best parenting books that tell it how it really is.  Be careful, though: it’s about to get really real!

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Best Parenting Books that Tell it Like it Is

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“I Want My Epidural Back” by Karen Halpert

Welcome to the world of “Mediocre Parenthood” (how funny is that?!?), as seen through the eyes of BabySideburns blogger and writer Alpert.  You’ll be laughing aloud and nodding in agreement along the way, while reading a book that is refreshingly honest.  And as Alpert says, it is very difficult to find a balance between being an amazing parent and keeping your sanity.  Luckily we’re all in it together.  Right??? Get it on Amazon. 

“Confessions Of A Scary Mommy: An Honest And Irreverent Look At Motherhood – The Good, The Bad and The Scary” by Jill Smokler

Another great collection of shorts from blogger and writer Jill Smokler.  This was the first real parenting book that I read after my son was born, and it helped me realize that even if we pretend we’re raising our kids perfectly on the outside, we are all far from perfect parents.   Illusions of perfection are really hard to maintain, and it’s not worth it to put so much pressure on yourself as a parent.   Laugh along to the hilarious “Mommy Confessional” sections of the book. Check it out here.

“Life Is Short, Laundry is Eternal: Confessions Of A Stay At Home Dad” by Scott Benner

A wonderful book from the point of view of Benner, a stay at home dad.  Peppered with hilarious Dad Humor;  this gem also manages to challenge the traditional view society has that moms should be the primary caregiver in the home. Buy it on Amazon.

“Operating Instructions – A Journal Of My son’s First Year” by Anne Lammot

A great read about the real life struggles of pregnancy, childbirth and single parenthood. Not all moms fall into motherhood in a zen way, enjoying every single moment with their baby.  A must read for any mom who has struggled with being a mom, while still ferociously loving her child like a lioness. Find it here.

“This Is Ridiculous This Is Amazing” by Jason Good

A laugh out loud collection of lists, which captures the very real and very ridiculous things parents encounter daily.  Parenting is hard, but it’s important to see the humor in the day to day life.  We can all use that! Grab your copy on Amazon.

Books that take a more lighthearted view of the ups and downs of being a parent are an excellent way to laugh when you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all.  Nobody is a perfect parent and no one’s children are perfect either, no matter what social media would have us believe.  Realistic parenting books can help parents realize that they are not alone – and a good laugh never hurt anyone either!

What are your picks for the best parenting books that really tell it like it is? Share in the comments! We could all use a good laugh!

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