The Best Educational TV Shows for Kids

Not all kid’s shows are created equal. You want something that is entertaining yet educational. Here are some of the best educational TV shows for kids.

Let’s face it: cooking dinner in 30 minutes while kids are around is a challenge for every parent. While we try to limit screen time, we try to involve them in the cooking process, we cannot do it every day. Some days we need to speed up the process so dinner is served at 5.30 because at 6 we need to run to the extracurricular activity. What do you do?  You put a kid’s show on for them. Well, wait a minute, you do know that not all kid’s shows are created equal right? You want something that is entertaining yet educational at the same time. Here are some of the best educational TV shows for kids.

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Best educational TV shows for kids

Team Umizoomi-

Team Umizoomi is currently shown on Nickelodeon, beginning in 2010. This show is completely computer animated and is a musical that focuses on math concepts at a preschool level. It covers concepts such as comparison, measurements, patterns, shapes, sequences, and counting. The show’s team features little superheroes that encourage viewers to develop their Might Math Powers.

Word World-

Word World was shown on PBS from 2007-2011. This show features characters that are shaped like the animal they really are (sheep, pig, etc.) as well as the word they represent. It is a great show to introduce younger children to not only the shapes of letters but their sounds as well. The characters of the show head out on adventures and face obstacles that can only be fixed with the correct word. The word is constructed one letter at a time and once the word is completed, it changes into the word it is.

Wild Kratts-

Wild Kratts is currently shown on PBS, beginning in 2010. This educational show teaches kids about biology, ecology and zoology. The show is shown in several parts of the world besides the United States including Germany, UK, Israel and Spain. The basic plot of each episode centers on saving animals from something or someone. Viewers are taught about the various animals while the group tries to determine how to best save them.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy-

Bill Nye the Science Guy was shown on PBS from 1993-1998. Bill Nye is a scientist as well as a comedian. Each episode of the show is designed to teach viewers about physics, ecology, chemistry and biology. Each lesson is easy to understand and informative.

Which of these educational TV shows would you put on for your kids? 

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  1. We have watched Team Umizoomi couple of times and it’s a lot of fun. Have to check out the Wild Kratts, seems something my daughter would like.

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