7 Reasons Why LEGOs Can Help Your Child’s Development

Are you looking for an educational toy gift that’s really fun?

LEGO is capable of boosting any child’s intelligence while still being fun to play with!

Are you looking for an educational toy gift that's really fun? LEGO is capable of boosting any child’s intelligence while still being fun
7 Reasons Why LEGOs Can Help Your Child’s Development


The use of LEGOs has been tested, and it’s is a proven stimulant to motivating creativity & sharpening crucial skills.

With that in mind, here’s the scoop on why LEGO can help your child’s development!

Engineering concepts are promoted through play.

Legos help children develop

The importance of learning in our children’s lives cannot be underestimated, even when they’re just playing. This is why LEGO is such a cool toy for all kids. They promote the art of building things by allowing the child to connect various individual pieces or blocks to make a car, robot, house, or even a castle.

Step-by-step instructions provided with each of LEGO’s block sets ingeniously masters the art of educating through actual play. The development of both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are enhanced, since building these sets targets the use of smaller muscle groups in the hands.

Repeated use of these muscle groups can help children develop muscle memory. This happens when repetition of an action allows the muscles to perform almost automatically without any effort. Picking up a brick and putting it in one specific location and doing the same action again is a perfect example.

Spatial Skills are also developed when kids are motivated to design projects out of simple LEGOs, and practicing various problem solving is enhanced by using other alternatives to come up with a better solution.

LEGOs provide the chance to learn programming principles.

Legos help child development

LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) is a particular software exclusively built for LEGO designs. This gives the child the opportunity to know what the outcome of his or her design would be, even before actually building the real thing.

Children love to explore, and through their curiosity, they inadvertently introduce themselves to Computer Aided Designs (CAD). LDD also provides a set of instructions explaining how to use various components, like dragging and dropping blocks to their assigned position.

This software helps to further the technological skills of the child. It easily becomes a tool that makes works of art when used effectively.

If you’d like to see a pre-made set of LDD designs for the recent Moments in Space competition, check out the Cosmic Slingshot Rocket and Galactic Duo.

LEGOs are a perfect tool for communicating ideas to make concrete objects.

Legos can help child development

LEGO has proven that they have helped children by giving the chance to formulate ideas about physical objects and making those objects a reality.

Connecting blocks to see what they could do with their creation has made kids realize infinite possibilities.

It’s been shown in a survey taken by high-achieving young professionals that those holding degrees in science, engineering, or mathematics were “far more likely than the average student” to have had experience with interactive crafts and hobbies.

Building things or making objects from woodwork, mechanics or electronic designs has conditioned their minds. It has trained them to solve real-life situations. In other words, as children they absorbed what they learned from play, and as adults they used that to further their careers.

Important: Development of Creativity

Legos can help child development

LEGO, being one of the pioneers of educational building through play, has engineered excellent ways to persuade a child into trying new ideas and concept development.

LEGOs can be likened to a puzzle, teaching us how to construct objects using the tools at hand, and how to be creative with what we have. One LEGO set can become many different things when the child learns this way.

With the blocks in our possession, we could also be able to build spaceships that come in different sizes and shapes. I came to know about the flexibility of creating when I bought my son a LEGO set as a present for being the brightest in his class.

It all started when he coerced me into agreeing to buy him any toy he wanted if his grades were enough to make him Top 1.

Reward your child with a fun toy that helps their development.

When the grades came out, he proudly showed this to me and asked me if I would honor my promise to buy him a new toy.

Being a sucker, I accompanied him to the nearest toy store (Toy Kingdom) and waited patiently for him to choose. I didn’t know that he had already chosen what he wanted to buy weeks ago!

A LEGO set was what he went straight to and then took from the shelf. When I saw what he wanted and looked at the price, I nearly fainted!

LEGOs were something I obviously took for granted as a child. I didn’t really know they were that expensive. Still, I bought him the LEGO set and I felt his happiness radiate, even on the way home.

He couldn’t wait to open it and discover what could be made by it. Creativity is important because it dares us to be innovative. It dares us to look at a particular problem from different angles and come up with a possible solution.

I saw what he did with his LEGO set. Immediately I could not help but notice that the picture depicted on the box was not the same as what he had created.

Still, I let him be, silently wondering about development limits and boundaries to the imagination of a child.

Building with LEGOs promotes bonding with family.

Legos can help child development

After several weeks, he finally decided to take the ultimate building plunge. His idea was to try to make the object depicted on the box. He kept chattering about how how he should start then he would proceed. He was making it appear that this would become his mission in life.

After a day he came to me, on the verge of crying. He explained that he might not be able to make his dream project because some of his LEGO bricks were missing.

Seeing as I was teaching him to become a man, I could never stand to see my son cry. I told him that I would help him out just as soon as I was free. That set him on another mission, into pestering me to help him with his project.

Sure enough, every possible chance he got, he reminded me of his project. We worked together on finding the best way to finish the project. To my surprise that meant we were able to bond thanks to sharing our knowledge. Using his ideas along with mine, we were able to find an alternative.  We removed from one side and added to the other and it worked!

Playing together and building together are both ways to learn together.

This special project was our focus for the next week.  My child had grown so distinctly during that time that it really surprised me. Some of his ideas were especially good (even better than mine!). Communication between me and my son grew stronger because of this! If I had known that would be the outcome, I would have gladly bought 5 more LEGO sets if he’d asked.

That’s my personal story on how LEGOs have given me valuable opportunities. One was to increase my son’s development while becoming closer with my son. To this day he still kisses me on the cheek whenever he greets me. Also, we can talk about anything without any inhibitions.

As for the LEGO set, it is still displayed at the corner of his room. It remains an important reminder of what we were able to accomplish together.

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