Play & Explore With The *Brand New* iOS Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Read & Learn App

Play & Explore With The *Brand New* Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Read & Learn App

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Dr. Seuss books have been a staple on our bookshelf for quite some time now. As a kid, I have memories of my mother mixing green food coloring into my eggs so I could have my own green eggs and ham. I always tried to tell her I did not like them, but always caved and ate them. If you too are a fan of the beloved books by Dr. Seuss, then you should check out the new Green Eggs and Ham Read & Learn App that is available exclusively for iOS devices in the iTunes Store for only $4.99.  This fantastic new app is designed for kids who are three to six years old.  The debut of this app comes right after the 55th anniversary of the original Green Eggs and Ham book, which was first published on August 12th, 1960. The style is very similar to the book, check it out!

These images are straight from the book, but you can interact with them.
Would you eat them with a fox?

My daughter is now three and a half and loves any chance she has to play on our iOS devices. I try to keep her screen time educational, so I jumped when I had the chance to try out this new Dr. Seuss app. I let her test this interactive book out on my iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised as many apps that are suitable for her age range simply are easier and more fun to play on a bigger screen. This app is definitely portable no matter the size of your device. Here you can see she decided to “dress up fancy for the picture, mommy.”

All kids play in faux pearls, right?

Reading Plus Games That Are Educational

At first glance, you might think this app is a more traditional electronic storybook. The app does give you the option to have the story read to you, or to read it by yourself. On each page, you can poke, drag or interact with the characters in the story. The interactive storybook helps to build your child’s vocabulary as it names every item tapped. As they child explores, hidden stars appear on each page. Finding the stars opens small mini games which my daughter loved. Each mini-game helps your child learn rhyming words, spelling, word identification and other skills that my kid is going to need for kindergarten. She was so excited to find each of the stars and with 31 stars total there are plenty of stars and mini games to keep her busy.

The spelling games were my daugthers favorites, but you can also practice rhyming words and vocabulary.

Extras For Parents

There were plenty of ways I could interact with my kiddo and the app, such as suggesting she tap various items or helping her find the star mini games. The app was clear and simple enough that she could easily navigate it solo also and there were no in-app purchases she could accidently tap. You can track how many minutes your child has played and how many times they have read the book which is useful to simultaneously track progress and limit screen time. This is a solid educational app that packs plenty of fun and surprises. This is the second Dr. Seuss app. You should also buy The Cat In The Hat Read and Learn App which topped the iTunes charts in the Kids category within the first two weeks of release, and is a similar interactive storybook.

Readers, do you have any Green Eggs and Ham or Dr. Seuss memories from your own childhood? Would your kids love  this Dr. Seuss app?

31 thoughts on “Play & Explore With The *Brand New* iOS Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Read & Learn App”

  1. Omg this app looks like something my daughter would totally love!! She loves Dr.Seuss. I’m going to have to look this up!

  2. I taught my kids to read with Dr Seuss books. I love all the stories. Are you my mother is my favorite book. I will have to check this book out.

  3. This sounds like an amazing app. I will have to try this with my friends little ones when they come over next.

  4. Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham is one of my all-time favorite kids books. So many happy memories. I also love that a lot of places have green eggs and ham for St. Patricks Day. One of my favorite holidays!

  5. I didn’t realize Green Eggs and Ham was that old! I enjoyed reading that book when I was little, then my kids had it and as soon as I had my first grandchild, they received their copy. It’s exciting that there is now an app on my iPhone. I’ll have to download it for my grandkids.

  6. I wish I had time to show my kids some of these educational aps. Being at work all day, when I get home at night, all I want to do is be with them. Cook together, play outside, have dance parties. Time flies much too fast! I guess they’ll just have to catch up when they’re in school. When do you let your kids play on your phone?

  7. This looks like a great app. My kids are more eager to read when its on electronics! My DD3 is starting JK this year. I’ll have to download it for her.

  8. This is so awesome! My nephews are past this age now, but it’s still an awesome app. Wish I still babysat youngin’s, I’d totally get them to download this.

  9. I could not imagine Dr. Seuss not being a part of my kids’ lives! This app looks like a lot of fun, and I know my 2 year old and 6 year old would absolutely love it.

  10. I could not imagine Dr. Seuss not being a part of my kids’ lives! This app looks like a lot of fun, and I know my 2 year old and 6 year old would absolutely love it.

  11. Aww, I’m bummed this is an iOS only app. I would prefer if I could get it on my tablet, which is an android. My phone is an older iPhone (it’s a 4) but the screen is small and has a crack. So I tend to just in general avoid too many apps for it.

  12. I love Dr Seuss books. I’ll have to see if this app is available on my android. My youngest is 4 and I think he would enjoy something like this. Dr Seuss books are great books to help teach kids how to read.

  13. My kiddo would still love this app even though he is almost 8! Dr Seuss is an awesome author. We have always loved him in this house! We will check out the app.

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