Creating a Preschool Learning Center in Your Own Home

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Creating a preschool learning center in your home is a great way to teach and reinforce new skills in your child. QVC's QCard can help make it more affordable!

With back to school season in full swing, we’ve been focusing a lot on getting our big kids ready for their return to the halls of academia.  It’s understandable, they need a lot of supplies and they’re on a strict deadline. Now that most of the kids are back, though, it’s time to focus on the little ones. We all know that a strong early childhood education sets a foundation for all the years to come, after all.

Here’s the good news: with a little time and effort, you can give your child a fantastic foundation at home. Even if you send your little one to preschool, like I did, having the right tools can go a long way towards reinforcing what they learn there.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite items from QVC for creating a preschool learning center at home. These items work perfectly in your child’s room, or you can set up a whole separate “school” room if you have the space.

Preschool Learning Center Essentials

Creating a Preschool Learning Center in Your Own Home

A fun desk is the cornerstone of a great preschool learning center. With a great workspace, you can take your child’s learning journey just about anywhere. I love the farm desk with matching chair because it’s gender-neutral, spacious and oh-so fun! Plus, it’s about the size (width and height-wise) of a small bookshelf, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your child’s room.

Farm Desk With Chair: $102

Creating a Preschool Learning Center in Your Own Home

The Crayola Fold N Go Art Studio is ideal if a bigger desk is out of the question, or if you want something you can put in another room of the house. The primary colors are bright and fun for preschoolers and the workspace is generous without overwhelming small arms. It folds up so you can store it out of the way when your child is done creating. The sections for art supplies encourages your kids to use their imaginations, while the little desk allows them to work on other projects as well- like work sheets and small crafts.


Crayola Fold N Go Art Studio: $49.99


Creating a Preschool Learning Center in Your Own Home

I had a numbers & letters learning mat for Jacob when he was little, it was the best thing ever. It’s a giant puzzle, a protective play area and a way to teach kids the basics all in one. Put it together on their learning center floor and leave it, or use it as a giant puzzle do to together!

96-Piece Foam Floor Alphabet & Number Puzzle Mat: $51.33

Creating a Preschool Learning Center in Your Own Home

Kids are never too young to learn about our great, vast universe! Start with something a little closer to home with this fun inflatable solar system! I love it because it’s big and beautiful, and properly proportioned. Kid can see how much bigger Mars is than Earth. Since it hangs from your ceiling, it doesn’t take up real estate on your floor.

Inflatable Solar System by Learning Resources: $52.75

Creating a Preschool Learning Center in Your Own Home

Want to really get your preschooler engaged in learning? Let them teach YOU! This Pretend & Play School Set comes with everything they need to feel like little teachers. It also helps get them ready for when they start Kindergarten by familiarizing them with concepts like hall passes, hand pointers and the dry erase boards.

Pretend & Play School Set by Learning Resources $36.25

Add in a few extras, like fun educational board games, crayons and craft supplies, and your preschool learning center is ready! When creating your space, creativity is the key word. Think about how your child can use items for both learning and playing, especially since preschoolers often learn through play.

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What items would you add to your preschool learning center? Tell me in the comments!


42 thoughts on “Creating a Preschool Learning Center in Your Own Home”

  1. I love these ideas. We didn’t have a learning are like this for my son, but I wish we had. We helped him prepare, but I think this would have been so much more fun.

  2. I like everything in the pictures, those are all essential when you want to make your kid practice and learn at home and not just in school. I would’ve given this more effort if I was given a chance to redo this for my twins.

  3. Such a wonderful idea to create your one preschool learning center in your home so the kids could learn & play & enjoy the home environment as well. The Farm desk with chair is cute & I love that Inflatable Solar System as well.

  4. Cool ideas to foster a child’s love for learning new things. My children had their share of educational toys and I peppered their rooms with knowledge charts too. I guess it worked. They grew up to be smart kids!

  5. These are great memory makers for our children – I still remember pre-school having so many of these items and all of us being so involved! Such fun, memories, and lessons

  6. This is a great idea. I’d love to do this for my youngest. I’ll only have 1 kiddo home this year so I would love to do this for him. Get him ahead a little bit!

  7. I had not thought of getting my youngest his own preschool dedk. I know that he still has a lot to learn before kindergarten next year. He enjoys playing tic tac toe already. We played one afternoon after I had him draw a few things. I would like a workbook to use for lessons.

  8. My kids are so active and love to learn new things. We bought bunch of toys/education toys but they don’t really like to play with those items. They love books. We usually rent from the library

  9. As a mother who homeschooled this is solid advice that any parent should listen to. Our home is the first place our children learn – if not in the womb anyway. I love the ideas you provided and hope all parents give their kids the best learning environment even if they can’t afford new products so many can be found at the dollar store, second hand, garage sales, or in parenting groups for free. Thank you for spreading good insight!

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