Canada’s Maplelea Doll: Learn and Play with this educational toy

When I was young, I was not interested in our Canadian history classes. I found the lessons quite boring. The teacher was just reading texts and  asking us to write notes.  Back then, we did not have all these fun educational toys that help kids learn while they play.  To help us understand our roots and culture , my mom used to tell us  fun stories about our Canadian history. What great memories. As a mom, I want to pass this Canadian pride to my kids. I take the time to teach them about our culture. Thanks to the Maplelea Girls dolls, teaching kids about Canadian culture, geography is made easy and fun.

About Maplelea Girls: a great educational toy

  • Maplelea dolls is a line of 18” vinyl play dolls that represent Canada from coast to coast.
  • There are 6 dolls in the series.
  1. Alexi from Toronto, ON
  2. Brianne from Manitoba
  3. Léonie from Quebec City, QC
  4. Saila from Iqaluit, Nunavut
  5. Taryn from Banff, AB
  6. Jenna from Nova Scotia
  • Each one has a soft body with arms and legs that can be posed. Their eyes open and close and their hair is a delight to comb and style.
  • Age range : 6 to 12 years old

My Review of Maplelea Doll:  

My daughter and I chose Léonie, representing Quebec, our province. It comes into a beautiful storage box that my daughter uses to tuck her! This box is very well designed and resists to child manipulation.

When my daughter opened the box, it was love at first sight. She was impatient to hold her. The doll has beautiful hazel eyes and honey brown hair. She wears a stylish outfit: a white skirt with red dots and a red coordinated top. My daughter loved her red boots. I find them classy.


It comes with a 64 pages keepsakes. It has extra journal pages that come with each outfit, all of which are bilingual and includes questions, blanks and prompts so you can tell your story too. We live in a bilingual province. My kids speak both French and English. Most of the educational toys we have are only in one language. I like that this toy features both languages.


My daughter is in total love with Léonie. She likes brushing her hair. She does it very carefully so not to damage it. The keepsakes provides us with care instruction. She likes  reading with her and even sleeping next to her. When she finishes, she tucks her in her box. She calls her : sister Léonie! We will be going on short road trips, we will make sure to bring it this lovely educational toy. My daughter likes the facts that it is not a baby doll. She feels a grown up when playing with Léonie.

Buy it: 

Each doll retails for $99.It comes with a nice storage box and a keepsake. It is well designed. It is a high quality educational toy.Your daughter will have hours of pleasure. I am saving money to buy the series! It will be a great collection for my daughter! Don’t wait. BUY IT.

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Disclosure: we received a free doll for the purpose of the review. No monetary compensation was received. 

34 thoughts on “Canada’s Maplelea Doll: Learn and Play with this educational toy”

  1. I like the fact that Avonlea started this and I know these dolls are gorgeous and I think we should make them a tradition like American Doll. My favorite is Leonie, I also like all the different personalities!

  2. I love Léonie and I just know my niece would love her, too. She’s really into fashion and accessorizing lately, so she would be just perfect! 🙂

  3. I learned that Avonlea Traditions is a Canadian company and all of the girls are canadians as well!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  4. I like that they are all Canadian and about our heritage. Love that they come with info and a keepsake box

  5. I learned that their mission is to make a difference in the lives of Canadian girls by providing dolls and activity products that promote creative play, healthy active lifestyles, and a knowledge and pride of the country we live in.! Thats great!

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  6. Jennifer Barata Allen

    I like that these girl dolls are Canadian and have their own Canadian story and a real place in Canada that they come from

  7. I love that Avonlea Traditions is a Canadian company founded in 1988. I also love that there are dolls from all different regions of Canada including Saila from Nunavut!

  8. I think one of the best things about these dolls is that they teach children the importance of their country and what wonderful role models for all little girls.

  9. Jeannette Laframboise

    I learned that they had focus groups with girls, their parents and community members to base the dolls as much on reality as possible. The dolls are based on actual girls which is pretty cool!

  10. I learned that “focus groups were conducted with girls, mothers and community members to obtain ideas and sugestions for product features and storylines.”

  11. I really like Alexi! I love that these dolls are made by a canadian company that is proud to show our diversity! What fantastic toys!

  12. Their mission…to make a difference in the lives of Canadian girls by providing dolls and activity products that promote creative play, healthy active lifestyles, and a knowledge and pride of the country we live in.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeysof TheZoo

  13. I learned that Avonlea Traditions is a Canadian owned and operated company founded in 1988

    I like Brianne

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