Five Great Books To Help Prepare Your Child For Preschool


Looking for the best books to read to prepare your child for preschool?  I’ve got you covered with a few of my favorites! Starting preschool is a huge step for both children and parents alike. Reading books is a perfect way to stimulate your child’s desire to learn; to help them learn what a day at school entails; as well as to enhance your child’s vocabulary before making their way towards their new adventure. There are so many books available to help with your child’s transition to preschool but I chose that I tried with my child. Take a look at my short list of books to read over the summer to get your child ready for September!

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5 Books to Read to Prepare Kids for Preschool

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“Curious George’s Big Book of Curiosity” by H. A. Rey

If you’re looking for a book to help prepare your child for preschool, look no further than this one! From recognizing a variety of emotions; to opposites; to the jobs that people do; to counting and shapes; to learning the alphabet and so much more; this book will have your preschooler excited to learn all about the vast world around them. Find it on Amazon.

“Preschool Days Treasury” by Katie Saunders

A wonderful book divided into different sections which include: friendships; stories; playtime; trips and learning fun. This book also includes a quiz section, to encourage children to talk about what they’ve learned in a unique and interesting way. Find it on Amazon.

“Maisy Goes to Preschool” by Lucy Cousins

A great book featuring children’s favorite Maisy characters; as Maisy and her friends have fun and learn at preschool. From playing musical instruments to playground fun, this book shows children what they can expect during a typical day at preschool! Get it on Amazon.

“Pete The Cat – Too Cool For School” by Kimberley and James Dean

An incredibly silly book featuring childhood favorite Pete the Cat. Pete’s dilemma is not being able to figure out what to wear to school – so he follows everyone else’s suggestions but still doesn’t feel quite right… Until he chooses his own outfit and feels perfectly like himself. The Pete the Cat collection will have both you and your children giggling out loud, and will surely be read over and over again! Find it here

“What Do People Do All Day?” by Richard Scarry

Welcome to the incomparable world of Richard Scarry’s Busytown! From firefighters and doctors; to pilots, train conductors and construction workers, and many more; this book is a must-have in any preschooler’s library. A wonderful introduction to the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” discussion! Find it here.

These books are a perfect introduction to what your child can expect at preschool, and may help to ease all of you through the transition. From helping your child understand what to expect in a typical preschool classroom, to understanding more about the world around them – these books are sure to help you and child get ready for the big day!

Do you have any recommended books to read to help prepare kids for preschool? Share in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Five Great Books To Help Prepare Your Child For Preschool”

  1. Rebecca Swenor

    This is a great list of books for preparing children to read. It is so important that children know things before entering preschool. Reading to children is important and they are more apt to love reading when they are older in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the list and site.

  2. Seems like great books for preschoolers! It is so important to stimulate child’s interest in learning to read because reading sparks their imagination, stimulates curiosity and helps with brain development.

  3. Nice to see that the Curious George books are STILL popular with kids after a VERY long time (I remember those books when I was growing up 😀 )

  4. These are such great suggestions! I think having kids learn to read at the youngest age possible is SO crucial!

  5. I’m sure all of them are great suggestions but I would highly recommend picking out the ones with “school” in the title. That really worked for some kids I knew who were about to start school and since they first need to familiarize themselves with the term “school”, it would really help to have them visualize it in a literal way through words and thoughts. Just my experience and two cents!

  6. Preschool can be a lot of pressure for the little ones so it’s good to have their minds prepared for what’s to come. I love that there are books for that as well. This is a nice list!

  7. These are great books! I actually remember reading Richard Scarry’s books all the time when I was a kid and looking at the pictures. I loved finding something new every time I looked in them. Lol

  8. These books are great. I think they can really help to alleviate any anxiety kids might have about going to school.

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