Hilarious Video: Children Adorably Interrupt Their Father’s Interview

Hilarious video of Children Adorably Interrupting Their Father's Interview
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As someone who works from home, I can tell you from experience that it is pretty amazing. However, one thing that definitely exists when you work at home is distractions. They come in all shapes and sizes, and for the man featured in this video, they came in the shapes and sizes of his two children. Together, these children joined forces to make one of the best video-bombs we have ever seen, take a look:


In case you need a little bit of backstory, here it is. This interview features an associate professor of international relations from Pusan National University in South Korea named Dr. Robert E. Kelly. He was being interviewed by the BBC.

But before he could get his first point out, his daughter in yellow barges into the room without a care in the world. She waltzes into the room and Kelly does his best to maintain his composure, but the interviewer points the child out, and the interview is already off the rails.

And just as it appears things might be calming down, another guest makes an appearance. His second child then rolls into the room in some sort of bouncy chair and then all hell breaks loose. A few seconds after their entry into their father’s interview, a woman darts into the room with speed usually reserved for Olympic sprinters.

Clearly panicked after the children likely snuck away while her back was turned, the woman grabs both children as quick as possible and escorts them out of the room. Remember, all of this taking place behind a man trying to do an interview for one of the most respect news outlets on the planet. All in all, we would say he did a pretty good job at maintaining his composure throughout the whole ordeal.

If there is a better video out there that personifies being a parent, I haven’t seen it. Even if you are a doctor doing one of the most important interviews of your career, kids will be kids, and when they want their daddy, they’re going to find him. Simply put, this might be the best and most hilarious video to come out in 2017 and unless something amazing takes places, I don’t see it losing that distinction anytime soon.

4 thoughts on “Hilarious Video: Children Adorably Interrupt Their Father’s Interview”

  1. I can so relate with this one. Working at home or even while traveling can be quite eventful. And like you’ve said, there are many distractions. The kids are pretty funny, though!

  2. I’ve seen this video and I thought it was quite funny. That goes to show how our life really is when we have kids! I can imagine my twins doing the same.

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