Important Facts to Help You Stop Bullying

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It is our goal to teach you every possible How To Stop Bullying Facts available.  We want you as a parent, teacher, child or friend to be prepared to go to bat for those being bullied.  Let’s work together in our schools, churches, communities and even families to get rid of bullying completely.  Our children no longer have to be victims.  If we unite together, we can learn how to stop bullying and make this epidemic end.

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How To Stop Bullying Facts

Education is key. Education about any topic is important, but especially so with bullying.  Educate your children on how to recognize a bully. Educate parents, teachers and community leaders on how to handle a bullying incident.  Education on how to help a victim cope, as well as how to reach out to the bully themselves is important.  You need to understand all areas of bullying and how to deal with the different types of bullying as well as different types of bullies.  Everyone can be reached, we just have to be patient and educate ourselves on how to reach them.

Remain calm and report every incident.  There is much to be said about being calm in the midst of a storm.  This applies to bullying as well.  Whether you are the victim, or the person who witnesses bullying being calm is important to safety and effectively stopping bullying in the future.  Intervene as needed to stop the incident, and rather than yell at either party take a moment to calmly separate a bully from their victim.  Speak to each party calmly and work toward resolution.  Teach your children to call an authority figure as soon as they witness bullying.  Staying calm is key for them and their safety.

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Don’t judge a bully before you know their background.  Yes, bullying is wrong and it requires discipline.  However, many bullies have a tragic background that must be considered when dealing with how to stop their behavior.  Don’t judge harshly or quickly.  Take a step back and find out more about the bully and how you can show them genuine concern and help without making things worse.  Not all moves to help bullies work on all children or adults.  You must find out the cause of their behavior before you can manage to stop it.

Don’t stop trying.  There will be a day when you feel like you can’t keep trying because nothing is working.  That is the day when you pause, take a deep breath and remember that this fight is worth it.  The number one lesson in how to stop bullying is to never stop trying.  It’s a stop bullying fact that the moment you stop trying – the moment you give the bully a step up.  Keep trying. Keep fighting. Keep working to educate, whittle away defenses and make sense of the reasons bullies lash out.

We hope these important “how to stop bullying facts” help you in your mission to put an end to bullying. If you know of any other great bullying facts to share, tell us in the comments!


22 thoughts on “Important Facts to Help You Stop Bullying”

  1. I agree it is very important to keep calm and report every incident. I have seen parents get so upset and end up making the situation worse.

  2. One thing young kids need to know is that it’s ok to tell an adult if they are being bullied rather than hiding from their bully. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I hate to see bullies treated like monsters–especially when they are children. Children are still growing and learning and need guided to the correct reactions and behaviors. If these children are hurting, it is our job to help them. Dealing with only one side of the bully issue (the victims) the problem will never make the problem go away. Is it better to put out the fire, or take away the matches?

  3. I think that it all starts at home… With the bully and the kids being bullied. I think the bullies need to know how to treat people and some kids need to learn how to stand up for themselves. Bullies always existed in one form or another… Just my two cents

  4. The most important tool in the fight against bullying is knowledge and discussion. It’s important those being bullied don’t feel ashamed and have a venue of peers to speak to they can confide in. These are great tips.

  5. Bullying is a terrible cycle. A lot of times these bullies are abused themselves, and the only way they can get all of that hurt out is to hurt someone else. =(

  6. Persistence is key. I know some who have kids being bullied, but they kept reporting and pushing for action to be taken. Finally there was light at the end of the tunnel and something was done about it. Definitely report every incident.

  7. My children know that there will be extreme consequences if they are ever caught bullying. They also know to inform both teachers and parents if they ever feel bullied or threatened themselves.

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