How to Stop Bullying When the School Won’t Help

How do you stop bullying when the school won’t help? Your heart just breaks when your child is being bullied. My son experienced bullying in kindergarten, before we started homeschooling. One child liked to burp in his face and generally annoy him constantly. Another child actually pulled his pants down in the middle of the school yard at recess one day. I was bullied myself back in my elementary school days. I remember having retreated to the washroom to cry during recess one day and my tormentors followed me – they stood on the toilets in adjacent stalls and peered over to taunt at me.

But he and I were lucky. Sometimes bullying can mean daily beatings after school, serious harm, or even death. What if your child has even retaliated, and then been the only one who ended up in the principal’s office? Perhaps the teachers have told your child to avoid the bully – to go down a different hallway or walk home a different way from school.  What do you do if you’ve tried everything to stop bullying and the school just won’t help?


How to Stop Bullying When the School Won’t Help

The Principal

Write just one more letter to the principal, and this time send a copy to the school board as well as the school superintendent so they all know what’s been going on in the school. Hopefully this will lead to a serious sit down meeting with the principal. Make sure a plan of action is put in place, with action steps for the school, the teachers, and a place your child can always retreat to when he’s being bullied.


Meet with other parents and/or teachers. Bring the issue to the next Parent Teacher Association meeting. Brainstorm together for ideas on how the school can help stop bullying. Volunteer to head up a committee dedicated to the issue. You can help real change come about for the whole school.

The Police

Call the police to notify them of an assault. If your child has been beaten, call the police. While some children grow out of bullying, for some this can be the start of a lifetime of bullying and criminal assault. The child may already be known to police and if not, they need to know. Sometimes it’s the only way to stop bullying before it grows out of control.

The Media

It seems almost every day in the news is a story about a child who had been bullied and the parents have notified the media out of frustration. If you feel comfortable putting you and your child under the microscope of the local newspaper, this is a route you can take to stop bullying.

New School or Homeschool

If you’ve tried everything else, or you can no longer endure the bullying your child is going through, perhaps a new school – public school, private school, or homeschooling – is the answer. While we didn’t homeschool due to the bullying our son experienced (I wanted to homeschool anyway), many parents have started because of bullying and it’s been a real blessing for their child. Homeschooling is something you can even do short term, while you wait for the school to take action.

If you decide to keep your child in school while the bullying is ongoing and you’re trying to make things better, make sure he is safe. Ask him to sit with friends at lunch and make sure he had a ride to and from school or a buddy to walk with.

Has your child been bullied at school? How did you get the school to stop bullying? Please share in the comments below to help other parents going through the same thing!

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  1. My son experienced bullying from early on. As early as 5th grade, and he was at the time in a private Christian School, boys would poke his stomach over and over and laugh at him. Later, in 7th grade, I found out that a couple boys would kick him on a daily basis as he walked from one class to another. Same grade he came home with lead pencil holes in his hand. He told me the teacher put him next to a boy in class who used his sharp pencil to jam the led into my son’s hand. I saw the lead in his hand. I went to the principal and teacher. Nothing happened to the other kid. In the same grade one day when I picked him up from school I noticed a circular scrape on his lower arm. I asked what it was and he finally told me a bunch of guys held his arm down and twisted the top of a Gatorade bottle on his arm until it tore his skin and bled. I met multiple times with the principal. It went nowhere. I decided to homeschool him after that so he spent 8th grade being home schooled. Which was wonderful. He thrived and his State testing were the highest he ever had that year. I sent him to a charter school in 9th grade. In 10th grade he wanted to be on Football so I returned him to public school. That year he was horribly teased by nasty boys writing “gay books” about him. I saw these nasty drawings, had a meeting with the principal. It went nowhere!
    My son is the nicest, happiest, most generous person I know. How he survived the brutality of public school is beyond me. Nothing parents do helps. I spent day after day after day meeting with principals over the years and never once were the offending kids ever held responsible for the bullying. If my son had any inclination to retaliate, like what was done today, he would have been deemed the aggressor, the attacker, never would he ever have been seen as the victim. The reason? Public schools will NEVER hold themselves accountable for their FAILURES to the children who attend public school. School shootings are a tragedy. Stopping school bullying is the cure.

  2. Oh yes, but it does happen! My daughter got bullied, we told the school, and they did nothing, They were even on bully’s side!

  3. We had such a horrible time with bullying with my son, we took him out of public school and home school him. I hate how apathetic the school system is regarding this very important subject. I wonder how our principal would have reacted had it been her child who was bullied?!

  4. Great ideas, I usually contact my child’s teacher and let them know what it is going on. Then if I don’t like the response, I will take it a step higher and call the principal or school counselor. No child should have to deal with bullying.

  5. These are great ideas. Bullying is such a serious issue. So sad that it goes so far, it is good for parents to intervene and get the help their kids need.

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