National Brands Educating Youth About Bullying


In recent news we have seen great strides forward with National Brands Educating Youth About Bullying. This topic inspires us as we move forward to teach our children and teens more about supporting each other and stopping the victimization of others in bullying. With the involvement of corporations that are known throughout the nation (and even world), we believe that the subject of bullying will become more known and less ignored.


With the Campbell’s Brand of Companies involvement with Free The Children and Take Action Camp we are now seeing great progress in educating our children and youth about bullying and prevention. Backing from a nationally known brand that can provide extended funds for education is inspiring us to continue to move forward in our own campaigns against bullying. In the past the lack of funds for proper education and outreach has prevented successful campaigns from happening. This recent announcement of involvement from a wealthier sponsor gives us extended hope for future endeavors and progress.

Take Action Camp is set up to teach not only bullying prevention methods, but also to teach our youth how to combat and respond to bullying against themselves and others. With topics regarding how to spot bullying, how to stand up for the bullied and how to take action when you witness an act of bullying, this camp will help teach our children and youth the proper process of action. As these brands realize and embrace the importance of our children being our future, they also have seen the need to prevent future bullying and the pain that it incurs.

As bullying educators and defenders we are thrilled to see a national brand taking a stand alongside others to support our children and future generations against bullying. As we have written about the longterm effects of bullying on adults, we know that prevention at an early age is important for emotional development and health in the long term. With the recent inclusion of national brands educating youth about bullying, we are sure to see a wider scope of knowledge that will prevent further victimization of our children.

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2 thoughts on “National Brands Educating Youth About Bullying”

  1. Bullying is HORRIBLE. I worry about my son going to school because he has ASD and may be a target for bullies. I think that anyone, brands or otherwise, educating people about bullying is great. The more info that is put out there, the better. 🙂

  2. My eldest daughter was bullied out of school, here in Victoria at the same time that Reena Virk was murdered! I homeschooled her for over a year until she went back to another school.

    I was bullied as well.

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