Cyber Bullying Laws: Will They Protect Our Kids?

Cyber Bullying Laws: Will They Protect Our Kids?

As we continue navigating bullying in our society, we must look at whether or not Cyber Bullying Laws can make a difference and change how things happen. With bullying laws becoming more and more common, it isn’t hard to imagine cyber bullying laws becoming the norm as well.  Since our children are becoming more active on social media, it is more common to see consequences of cyber bullying lingering.  Laws in place could help remove this problem.

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What Laws Should Be In Place?

  • Misdemeanor & Felony Convictions For Online Bullying:  When cyber bullying takes things to the next level and creates severe emotional or physical trauma, it is time for there to be legal action taken.  Pushing to suicide, physical harm or spreading untruths should all be considered worthy of criminal punishment.
  • Juvenile Court Appearances:  First offenses should require an appearance in court.  Tour of the local jail and an up close look at the justice system.  Second chances should be given, but only after the offender has been given information about what their actions are doing.
  • Community Service Requirements:  Volunteer work, roadside clean up, listening to the local suicide hotline should all be required community service.  Showing a bully what their victim feels can help considerably when attempting to rehabilitate them.

How Can They Help?

  • Holding Bullies Accountable: If a bully can’t get away with their crime, they are less likely to continue doing it.  While some may continue regardless, laws will help make things sow down considerably.
  • Creating Examples To Stop New Bullies: New bullies may be swayed to not begin when they watch others being held accountable.  Fear of being caught and punished can often help individuals not do those things.
  • Giving Victims Peace Of Mind:  Knowing that their bully as been punished, or perhaps even behind bars can definitely speed up the healing process for victims.

Cyber Bullying Laws already exist in some areas.  While they are not fool proof, they are making waves and changing the way people view bullying in their communities.  Cyber bullying takes on a very intimate and personal part of a victims life.  It is often used to beat them down and make them feel inferior to their peers.  With efforts being made to criminalize bullying, we hope to see fewer victims committing suicide, hurting tthemselvesor bullying others in the future.

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6 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying Laws: Will They Protect Our Kids?”

  1. I personally don’t think people should take everything said on the internet so seriously, then we wouldn’t even need all these laws.

  2. I’m really not sure that more laws will make a lot of difference. We really need to support educating about bullying and empathy in the very young grade school classes to help kids understand.

  3. One of the biggest issues, in my opinion, is that adults get away with cyber bullying all the time – in droves!! It’s obscene, and until kids see adults being held responsible for their online attacks, I’m not sure how much good it will do in the long run. So I definitely support anti cyber bullying laws, as long as it carries over to all age groups, and not just kids.

  4. Now that my kids are getting old enough to start being online and on social media more, I’m really starting to watch for ways to help them stay safe online. It’s not enough to just teach them how to keep their personal info private, but it’s also important to teach them about bullying online. Thanks for making me think!

  5. Mhhh I kind of like that finally there is some sort of push against cyber bullying, will it completely stop.. don’t think so, but I’m glad that it’s not being ignored, it is an important subject in this day and age and we all need to think about and educate our kids.. great post, thanks for sharing and will share with my friends

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