32 Cute & Creative Baby Names You Haven’t Heard Before

Coming up with cute & creative baby names that most people haven’t heard is definitely not an easy feat! Don’t worry, though, we’ve taken some of the work out of it for you with these 32 names for boys and girls that you don’t hear every day. I bet there are at least a few that you’ve never heard of!

Looking for creative baby names you haven’t heard before? Check out 32 clever and adorable names that you definitely don’t hear every day!

Once upon a time, parents plucked names from the family tree or went with whatever the most popular baby names were of the day. If you wanted to go against the grain and come up with unique baby names, your choices were pretty much endless! Somewhere along the line, though, classic baby names started going extinct as more parents wanted their kids to have something a little more original. I think it must have happened sometime in the 70s, when all of the “flower children” were naming their babies things like Moon Unit and Dweezil.

Now, with celebs naming this kids after fruits and compass directions, finding clever and creative baby names is harder than it’s ever been. It seems like all the unique names are taken! Don’t worry, though, we’ve come up with a few that we think you haven’t heard before!

Unique Baby Names You Haven’t Heard Before

Boy Baby Names

  1. Amias- Amias is a Latin word meaning- Loved.
  2. Boden- Boden is a German word meaning- Earth, ground, soil and a French word meaning- He who delivers the news, messenger.
  3. Cashel- Cashel is an Irish word meaning- Castle, stone fort.
  4. Draven- Draven is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning- Hunter.
  5. Embry- Embry is an English word meaning- Flat-topped hill.
  6. Finbar- Finbar is an Irish word meaning- Fair-haired.
  7. Harding- Harding is an English word meaning- Son of the courageous one.
  8. Kael- Kael is an Old Irish word meaning- Mighty warrior.
  9. Keon- Keon is from Irish and Hebrew origin, meaning- God is gracious.
  10. Lathan- Lathan doesn’t have a specific origin, but is possibly derived from the Lathom Village in Lancashire, England.
  11. Lorcan- Lorcan is from Irish origin, meaning- Little, fierce.
  12. Malachi- Malachi is from Hebrew origin, meaning- My angel or my messenger.
  13. Ozias- Ozias is from Greek origin, meaning- Salvation.
  14. Paladin- Paladin is from the French origin, meaning- Of the palace and the English word, meaning- Defender.
  15. Stanislav- Stanislav is from the German word, meaning- Someone who achieves glory or fame.
  16. Zaire- Zaire is from African origin, meaning- River. The Congo River in Africa was called the Zaire River during the 16th and 17th centuries.


Girl Baby Names

  1. Adley- Adley is from Hebrew origin, meaning- Judicious.
  2. Anwen- Anwen is from Welsh origin, meaning- Very fair, beautiful.
  3. Bexley- Bexley doesn’t have a specific origin, but is likely derived from locations. In the U.S., there is Bexley, Ohio and in England, Bexley is a borough of London.
  4. Branwen- Branwen is from Celtic origin, meaning- Blessed raven.
  5. Calla- Calla is from Greek origin, meaning- The most beautiful.
  6. Dariela- Dariela is from French origin, meaning- Dear one, beloved.
  7. Harlyn- Harlyn is from English origin, meaning- Grey land or hare land.
  8. Kaya- Kaya is a Native American word, from the Hopi Tribe, meaning- My elder sister.
  9. Mireille- Mireille is a French word meaning- To admire.
  10. Nimah- Nimah is an Arabic word meaning- Blessing.
  11. Oriana- Oriana is a Greek word meaning- Dry.
  12. Ottoline- Ottoline is a French word meaning- Prospers in battle.
  13. Sidra- Sidra is a Latin word meaning- Like a star.
  14. Verena- Verena is Latin word meaning- Integrity.
  15. Vita- Vita is a Latin word meaning- Life.
  16. Zaylee- Zaylee is a Celtic word meaning- Blonde, an Italian word meaning- Golden and a Latin word meaning- To rise, sunrise, dawn.

I’ve only met one person with one of these unique baby names. His name was Malachi. While I’ve seen a few others in literature or mythology books, I’ve never met anyone with any of the other names. It’s a safe bet that your child won’t know 10 other Nimahs or Paladins!

Do you have any favorite unique baby names that you bet others haven’t heard of? Share below!

14 thoughts on “32 Cute & Creative Baby Names You Haven’t Heard Before”

  1. Wow, some of name are so cute 🙂 and yes. it’s true that it takes a lot time to think unique name for baby. I should keep your link bookmark for future purpose.Thank you dear 🙂

  2. People always have a hard time thinking of baby names so I am sure they are looking for unique ones all the time. This is a good list, maybe some of these names will become really popular!

  3. I have on,y heard of two of the names before, 1 born and 1 girl. But I’m loving the name Bowden, not just because I love the store, but it would make a great name for a child.

  4. I get the desire to try to be unique. It just feels strange when the focus to be unique creates such interesting names. Although I have heard of a Malachi or two, like you. But that’s because it’s a Bible name and so I know people take all kinds of names from there.

  5. Wow! I have been looking for a baby boy name for my nephew and finally I got it in this list. Zaire is such a beautiful name…Thanks for sharing this awesome list!

  6. It’s a fun list! My brother name is Solomon, which is a bit unusual (for a white boy 😉 We were concerned he would be teased in school, but that wasn’t the case. It’s nice to have a unique name.

  7. Kaya.. in India it means body or skin !! You have found some really beautiful names,I’m sure it might have taken good time of yours..!!

  8. Not sure about “Embry” – a bit too close to Embryo for my liking. I dont think I have met anyone with any of these names, although my grandfather was Hardy (close to Harding)

  9. Jhilmil Bhansali

    Such a beautiful list, parents should check it for sure. Loved Keon and Sidra the most, lovely meanings for lil babies.

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