The Best Bibs for Drooling Babies

Don't want your teething baby to ruin all her good clothes? Check out our picks for the best bibs for drooling baby. They're both stylish and functional!

Drooling is a natural thing for babies to do. They mostly do this when they are teething because of saliva production. It starts when your baby is about three months of age and continues on through toddler age. Even though it’s totally natural, it can make a mess of all those adorable baby clothes! Here are a few of the best bibs for drooling babies!

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The Best Bibs for Drooling Babies

Green Sprouts The Best Bibs for Drooling Babies

Green Sprouts Terry Cloth Bib– This waterproof bib is convenient and absorbent. It is made from terry cloth material with an inner layer that is waterproof. This inner layer is designed to absorb drips and drools so that your baby’s clothing is protected. This cloth bib secures in the back and comes in an array of colors.

Carter’s Teething Bib The Best Bibs for Drooling Babies

Carter’s Teething Bib– Carter’s Teething Bib is designed to protect your baby’s clothing from getting soaked because of their drooling.

Dribble Bibble Quick Drying Bib The Best Bibs for Drooling Babies

Dribble Bibble Quick Drying Bib– This bib is reversible with brown fabric and green trim. It also comes in blue or pink trim as well. One side has a pocket that is ideal for feeding solid food while the other side absorbs drool and dries quickly. It is mom-invented and fits sizes birth through toddlers. It secures well with a Velcro closure that is very durable. The bib is vinyl, phthalate, PVC and BPA free.

Baby Bjorn Soft Bib- The Best Bibs for Drooling Babies

Baby Bjorn Soft Bib The Baby Bjorn Soft Bib is made with a curved bottom so that it catches food and drinks that your baby spills. The food and spills stay in the curved area, even if they wiggle around a lot. This bib is easy to clean since all you have to do is rinse it under warm water.

The Best Bibs for Drooling Babies

Funkie Baby Retro Rocket Bib– This bib is reversible and waterproof as well as soak proof. It is made with three layers: cool cotton print in the front, soak proof liner in the middle and cotton in the back. It features a secure Velcro closure and fits babies three months to three years of age.

These are just a few of our favorite best bibs for drooling babies. Basically, you want something absorbent or easy to clean (or both!). If your baby drools like crazy, you don’t want a flimsy bib that lets it soak right through. After all, the point of the bib is to keep those adorable outfits looking clean!

Do you have any other suggestions for the best bibs for drooling babies? Share in the comments!


19 thoughts on “The Best Bibs for Drooling Babies”

  1. I used green sprout and they’re were the best! My little guy drooled non stop and got really bad crashed because of it and these were the only ones that helped him

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    The Carter’s Teething Bib is absolutely adorable :-). I must admit I did like the bibs with a lip at the bottom when mine were feeding themselves but not for teething.

  3. I use the Tommee Tippee Explora bibs! Great for the new solids toddler on the run! My little man is always using it to collect his snacks and it makes it easy for him to reach in and grab more. (Probably not what they were designed for.. But my midget likes to think outside the box.

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