The Best Bathtub Toys for Toddlers

Want a tot that loves getting clean? Check out the best bathtub toys for toddlers that will make your little one love hopping in the tub at night!

My kids loved their bathtime when they were toddlers. They played, relaxed, had fun and or course messed the bathroom. While I always found bathtime time consuming, I rarely missed this favorite part of the day. We sang songs, played with their toys and had a good laugh. I had a stash of bathtub toys that I rotate every time. You can use their regular toys if you want, but I would not recommend it. They will stink, shrink and will get spoiled in no time. It’s best to choose toys that are suitable for water. Here are some bathtub toys I recommend.

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The Best Bathtub Toys for Toddlers

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Munchkin Wonder Waterway Bath Tub Toy-


Toddlers love toys they can construct themselves. The great thing is that it teaches hand-eye coordination skills. The Munchkin Wonder Waterway Bath Tub Toy is completely interactive with three pieces to it. The pieces can be used in conjunction together or used separately. Your child will have fun watching the water flow through the toy.

Boon Creatures Interchangeable Bath Toy Cup Set-


The Boon Creatures Interchangeable Bath Toy Cup Set is soft and flexible. The set comes complete with four critters that are interchangeable. The best thing is these bath toys are PVC-free, phthalate-free and BPA-free.

Edushape Floating Blocks-


The Edushape Floating Blocks comes with one platform and 14 blocks. Your toddler will love building stuff in the tub with blocks that are waterproof. When the blocks get wet, they stick together so your child can build anything they want.

Sassy Catch and Count Net Bath Toy-


The Sassy Catch and Count Net Bath Toy is a development toy that makes your child’s bath time even more fun. It comes with three different fish that also act as scoopers and strainers. There are also numbers included so they can learn to count during bath time. The fish are just the right size to fit in a toddler’s hand, and the net is easy to grasp. Kids will love the bright, contrasting colors.

Alex Toys Jungle Waterfall-


Alex Toys Jungle Waterfall– Kids will love bath time when there is a waterfall involved. The pieces of Alex Toys Jungle Waterfall feature suction cups, so they easily stick to the tub or shower wall. When water is poured into the funnel of the elephant, the monkey will make funny eyes at your child.

Which of these bathtub toys for toddlers would you choose? Tell me.

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