The Best Baby Monitor Apps

Today's smartphone tech makes it easier than ever for moms to check in on their babies! Check out our picks for the best baby monitor apps!

When I gave birth to my son 14 years ago, I had to run to his room every 5 minutes to check on him. I was living in a two story house and I managed to lose baby weight very fast from climbing the stairs. The downside, I was always exhausted and could not have a minute to for myself. I just wished I had something to help me monitor his activity when he was sleeping. When you have a baby, you know that you welcome all of the help you can get, even if that help is in the form of an app.  Here are some of the best baby monitor apps.

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The Best Baby Monitor Apps

Dormi Baby Monitor App-

The Dormi Baby Monitor App has a ton of useful features that all parents will appreciate. This app connects the parent and child units, even when the internet is not available. One of the neat features of Dormi is that the app will adjust automatically to noise levels, so there is no need to setup microphone sensitivity. You can even talk to your baby to soothe or calm them without having to go in their room. If you are on the phone and your baby starts to fuss, you will be notified with soft vibrations and a gentle beep.

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Baby Monitor 3G App-

The Baby Monitor 3D App works with your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any combination of the three. This app provides you with instant audio and video capabilities so you can hear as well as view your little one. In fact, you will be able to hear even the slightest noise that the baby makes. The app is easy to setup, just choose the device as the parent unit and then the device for the baby unit. The app features graphics that let you know when your little one is awake or sleeping.

Cloud Baby Monitor App-

The Cloud Baby Monitor App has been featured in places like USA Today, Good Morning America and Mashable. The app needs to be installed on two separate devices like MAC devices or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices. This app has some neat features like night vision and brightness control. You can also talk to your baby over the app from another room in the house.

Which of these baby monitor apps would you use? Did you use another one that you can recommend? Tell me.

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