A Dozen Teething Tips for Your Fussy Baby

Looking for teething remedies for a fussy baby? Check out a dozen baby tips that will help soothe those aching gums!

Looking for teething remedies for a fussy baby? How about a dozen? Being a baby is tough! From the moment they escape the safety and comfort of Mommy’s tummy, there are hundreds of new sights, sounds, textures, and unpleasant things that they come across on a daily basis. They’re just starting to get a handle on things, and all of a sudden, a little stinker of a tooth starts to push its way through their gums. Now we’re back to square one. As you work through the discomfort of teething with your fussy baby, give these tips a try.

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12 Teething Remedies for a Fussy Baby

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  1. Massage your baby’s gums. With a clean finger, gently press against your baby’s gums where the tooth is trying to erupt. The pressure you apply will help to ease the pain.
  2. Soak a clean washcloth in water, chamomile tea, or breastmilk and freeze it. Chamomile tea, if you choose to use it, may even help your baby relax a bit (which is not a bad thing when they are fussy!). In fact, chamomile is one of the ingredients in Camilia, a natural teething remedy you’ll find at the pharmacy.
  3. Stick a metal spoon in the refrigerator until it’s cold, and let your baby gum it.
  4. Put a slice of apple in a mesh feeder; its firm texture will apply pressure to the swollen gums as your baby gnaws on it.
  5. Freeze pureed fruit, and put it in a mesh feeder. This one can get messy as the fruit thaws, so make sure your little one is sitting in her highchair before she goes to town on the feeder.
  6. Frozen waffles. They will hold up better than teething biscuits – trust me.
  7. Hard plastic toys or teether toys. Neither of my kids was big on those liquid-filled teether toys you put in the freezer, but they really liked hard plastic toys they could gum. Give both a try and see which your baby prefers.
  8. Teething jewelry. What will they think of next?! There is jewelry Mom can wear that is specifically made for your baby to chew on. Check out this one at Target. What I love about this solution is it promotes you cuddling your baby while they chomp away! Prepare for some funny looks, though, as passerby watch your baby happily chew on your necklace.
  9. A rubber teether. You’ve probably heard of Sophie the Giraffe, and it’s no wonder she’s so popular. She’s safe to go in your baby’s mouth, she’s easy to hold, and she has ears, horns, and legs that can provide extra “oomph” against the gums as your baby chews.
  10. Baby Orajel Naturals. This was our go-to when the pain seemed to be really bad for our babies. This natural version of Baby Orajel is benzocaine-free; the active ingredient is eugenol, derived from the clove plant. It seemed to work well and smelled pretty good!
  11. Ice water in a sippy cup. If your baby is old enough for a cup to be introduced, try offering ice water in a sippy cup. The sucking motion may help relieve some of the pain, as will the cold water.
  12. What does your baby like to do? Are baths something he enjoys? Swinging at the park? Just like us parents, when your baby is left to focus on his pain, it will be worse. Distract him with things he enjoys, and he will probably perk right up.

It’s heart-breaking to see your baby in pain, and those first few teeth are not easy. Find solace in the fact that as your little one gets older, they’ll hardly even notice the teeth coming in.

What other natural teething remedies for a fussy baby have you tried? Share in the comments!

11 thoughts on “A Dozen Teething Tips for Your Fussy Baby”

  1. Teething was a little terrible for the twins! They were super moody! How I wish I knew about these remedies when they were going through this phase.

  2. These are all great tips. I am over this phase of parenting as my kids are all grown up now. I did use the frozen washcloth trick when they were teething and it did help relieve them of the pain and swelling. I’m sharing this post with my children who are now parents themselves.

  3. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

    Definitely going to forward this on to my cousin who’s been struggling with this right now. I’m not a mama right now but just from hearing stories, it sounds like it can be a struggle!

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