Spoiled-One Keeps New Moms on Top of Baby’s Needs without Breaking the Bank!

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Any new mom (or anyone who has ever spent time around a baby!) knows just how many items a new baby needs. Cribs, changing tables, car seats, toys, accessories…the list goes on and on. The hardest part is just when you think you have everything, your baby’s needs change! Suddenly, the bassinet gets put away and the play yard comes out. They outgrow their bouncy seat and move on to an activity center. It never stops. Which means the hits to your budget never stop! Unless, of course, you change your way of thinking and stop buying all the latest gadgets. Instead, let Spoiled-One keep you up to date with their amazing rental service!

Who is Spoiled-One?

Spoiled-One was created by Shay & Vicki. Both are modern moms and moms to be who feel there is a gap in the baby industry, and from their experience, they are on a mission to fill this void. To help parents simplify their lives. Save time. Save money. Save the planet! Why don’t I let them tell you more in their own words!

“Spoiled-One’s business model emerged from an experienced mom who was always in search of the next baby toys and products. Keeping in the back of her mind the quality, design and the safety of each and every single item that she picked was very important for each stage of her baby’s life. For this first time mom, countless hours were spent on researching the latest and greatest products and toys for her ever changing baby – and they sure do change on a daily basis.

However, being a minimalist, this mother noticed how temporary most of the baby products truly are, and how quickly they cluttered up her home. How could such a little person require so much stuff?

This mom very soon came to realize that not only was space an issue in her home but giving her baby the best of everything was way too expensive especially because many baby items are so temporary!

And that’s how Spoiled-One was started…”

Why Spoiled-One?

  •  Luxury products designed for today’s conscious parent
  •  Reduce clutter by renting what you need and returning it when you no longer need it. No more finding space for those bulky baby items!
  •  Easy delivery service – drop off and pick up right to your door!
  •  100% clean and sanitized with natural, toxic-free, organic cleaning products.
  •  Save money – a baby’s needs are ever changing.
  •  100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rent at ease.

Check out their video to learn more about the company and the moms behind it!

Visit Spoiled-One and check out all the cute and stylish baby gear they have for both renting and buying! They even have adorable gift baskets for new moms! Follow Spoiled-One on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with news.



12 thoughts on “Spoiled-One Keeps New Moms on Top of Baby’s Needs without Breaking the Bank!”

  1. Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    I think the idea of sharing your baby items is great in today’s economy. When my first born came along over ten years ago we were lucky to get a few loaners, but we actively sought out a used, up to code crib because of the cost of one. We were able to get a high end crib at a very decent price and both of my kiddos stayed in it until they were well past the age of three. Thanks for sharing Spoiled One Nicole. What a great eco friendly company!


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