Soothe Your Baby’s Angriest Diaper Rash with JOHNSON’S® DESITIN® #HeadToToeBaby

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As far as diaper rash goes, I’ve always been pretty lucky with my kids. My daughter is  7 and I can count on one hand the number of times she had diaper rash as a baby.  I thought my son was going to be the same way, until recently.  He woke up from a nap the other day and his poor little bum was so red and raw, I could feel his pain! Thank goodness I had JOHNSON’S® DESITIN® on hand to soothe that angry rash!

DESITIN to the rescue: Soothe that Rash in a Flash

Even though my son rarely actually needs diaper cream, I always make sure I keep a good supply of DESITIN® close by.  Since you never know what you might need, I make sure to stock up on a variety!  DESITIN® Maximum Strength, DESITIN® Rapid Relief and DESITIN® Multi-Purpose White Petrolatum Skin Protectant are always on call in my cabinet.  When my poor little man woke up in pain from his nap, I first reached for the Maximum Strength but decided to go with the Rapid Relief instead.  He needed some relief fast, and I knew this would do the trick!

After just one application, he seemed to be doing better and he wasn’t in so much pain at diaper changes (which were going to be more frequent than usual to help clear this up).  I switched to the Maximum Strength after that to help give him some long lasting relief, especially at bedtime.


  You cannot get a stronger a cream with zinc oxide, unless you get a prescription. DESITIN® Maximum Strength contains 40% zinc oxide, which immediately forms a protective barrier for your baby’s sensitive skin.


I will be honest, I have never really done any preventative care on my kid’s bottoms when it comes to diapering.  I will tell you now that going forward my son will be getting a coat of DESITIN Multi-Purpose at bedtime!  It contains vitamins A&D and seals out wetness, so while he sleeps at night, his skin won’t get irritated.


While my son is sick, which I think is the cause of the diaper rash, my daughter is sick as well (thankfully she isn’t affected in the same way!)  DESITIN Multi-Purpose truly is multi-purpose.  While my son has an irritated bottom, my daughter has an irritated nose from the constant running and blowing.  A thin layer of Multi-Purpose has helped to ease the irritation, forming a barrier in between nose wipes.


The cold season is upon, which could mean more diaper rashes than you are used to (tends to happen when the kiddos get sick).  Stock up on my three faves from DESITIN, Maximum Strength, Rapid Relief and Multi-Purpose to help get you through these winter months. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with news!

How do you help prevent diaper rash & keep your baby’s bum comfortable? Share in the comments!

28 thoughts on “Soothe Your Baby’s Angriest Diaper Rash with JOHNSON’S® DESITIN® #HeadToToeBaby”

  1. I really think these are awesome. It’s good to have a reliable diaper rash cream that will help relieve your baby’s rashes. It’s terrible to see them suffering from those and this sound like the perfect solution for that.

  2. Diaper rashes can be a total headache especially since you’ll feel bad for your baby when they have it because of the discomfort that they’re feeling. These are awesome creams and I’m sure they’re effective as well.

  3. I’m not a mom, so I’ve never thought about preventative care for babies regarding diaper rash. Now, I know whenever I’m a mom to keep a couple of tubes on hand, so I can try to prevent it and to make them feel better if they get diaper rash.

  4. I think kids with sensitive skin issues get more troubles related to diaper rash and the Desitin Cream from Johnsons sounds like a great resource to make them feel better. Would suggest this to my cousin who has a one year baby girl!

  5. a good product from such a wonderful brand just makes it fun for easy grwoing for the little kids who will be on this, how best to make growing up more healthier?.

  6. I love Desitin! My son had an ear infection last year. He was put on antibiotics and it gave him a HORRIBLE diaper rash. My doctor told us to try it out and it cured it over night!

  7. Oh that poor boy, sick and diaper rash. And I feel for your daughter too, I know that nose dryness from colds & flu only too well! Good to know this has more than one use!

  8. This stuff works so well! I loved having plenty of good diaper cream on hand when my children were little. You can never have too much! I would put one in each bathroom, one in each diaper bag, and we always ended up using it wherever it was.

  9. Always good to have a quick and easy solution for diaper rash! Poor little ones – gotta be so uncomfortable for them! Glad Destin makes it better!

  10. Angela

    Fortunately, my days of dealing with diaper rash are over for a while! However, I loved Desitin when my kids were babies and I used the Max strength.

  11. Thanks for the review on this product i will be telling my friend about this the product she was using was not working well for her little one !

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