SIMPLY RIGHT™ Formula: The Smart Formula for Your Baby

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When my son was born premature and I was on numerous medications to control my blood pressure, formula was pretty much my only viable option for feeding him. In the beginning, he was on special prescription formula. Within a month, though, he caught up and I transitioned him to regular formula. I really wish I had known about SIMPLY RIGHT™ back then! I went through so many different types of formula trying to find the best one for him, especially since he had colic!


I actually used the savings calculator to see how much I would have saved. Since I would have used the SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Gentle® blend, my savings would have been over $500 a year!


SIMPLY RIGHT™: The Simple, Smart Choice for Your Baby

SIMPLY RIGHT™ formulas, available exclusively at Sam’s Club, don’t just save you money: they also have improved ingredients Clinically proven to support growth and development, now with Lutein for brain and eye health. Plus, SIMPLY RIGHT™ comes in three different types so you can choose the best one for your baby.

  • Baby Care Gentle®- Complete Nutrition that is easy for your baby’s stomach to digest.
  • Baby Care Complete®- Complete formula with Lutein and other added nutrients to help development.
  • Baby Care Sensitive®- Low-lactose formula for the most sensitive little bellies.

If the lower price and great formulas aren’t enough to convince you to give this a try, wait till you see the packaging! I can’t tell you how many nights I fumbled with scoops, trying to get them filled just right after digging them out of the canister. SIMPLY RIGHT™ have an awesome package design. First, they’re rectangular, so they fit nicely on the counter or in your pantry. Second, they have this beautiful scooper, scoop holder and leveler so you always get the right amount on the first try. Check out the cool interactive video to see it in action!

With all these great features and a price that’s just right, SIMPLY RIGHT™ is the obvious choice for moms!

Do you have any Mommy Moments related to late-night feedings or formula debacles to share with us? We’d love to hear them!

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