Should You Use A Bassinet Or Crib for Your Newborn?

Having a hard time deciding between using a bassinet or crib? Check out the pros and cons of each, then decide which is best for your baby & lifestyle!

When you are expecting, there are so many things to think about getting, and a whether to use a bassinet or crib is among that battle.  Is one better than the other?  What should you register for?  They both have their pros and cons and in my personal opinion, (and mom of 2) I would get both.  When you first bring baby home, you want (and need) him close for midnight feedings.  A bassinet is better for this, they are smaller.  If you have the room for a nursery or space for a crib at the same time, it is great for having your baby nap in.  Here are some great bassinets and cribs out there to get you started.

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Should You Use a Bassinet or Crib?

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BabyBjorn Cradle: This might just be top of the line in the bassinet industry.  It is definitely a little costly at about $350 retail (you might be able to find it for a little less on discount sites).  The entire outside is made of mesh, allowing airflow for baby.  You might like the fact that it vibrates, ever so gently, which I know my son really appreciated when he was a newborn (or maybe it was me who appreciated it!)  It comes with a fitted mattress, and you can purchase a canopy separately if you like that look.  The ratings are for up to 6 months or 18 pounds.  You can check out this product and more that BabyBjorn offers at

Chicco LullaGo: This is very affordable at around $100 retail.  Unlike the above bassinet, there are only 2 mesh panels, they do not wrap around, which works just as well for airflow.  This one is portable and comes with a travel bag, but it can be a little heavy, weighing about 15 pounds.  Set up is very easy, and the instructions are easy to understand.  You can use this one until your baby is pushing up on his hands and knees, or he reaches 20 pounds.  This bassinet is pretty basic, no frills or vibrations.  Check out the Chicco LullaGo in  a lovely pistachio color (it also comes in acorn).

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Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable: This might be my favorite in this category for a few reasons.  It is listed for about $90 retail.  It is  made of less expensive material and appears to be ‘cheaper’ however, given the short amount of time your infant will be using these items, it really doesn’t matter.  It comes with toys and a mirror and the best part is the optional rocker.  You can lock the feet so it is stationary or unlock so it rocks!  The one downside I can see to this product is that the lining does not come out for cleaning.  Oh, and it is portable!  Here is the link to this product via the Fisher-Price website.


Baby Cache Heritage Lifetime Convertible Crib: I love the style of this one!  The curved backing gives it a formal appearance without breaking your bank account.  It retails for about $500, which is pretty average for a decent crib.  Especially when you factor in that you will convert it to a toddler bed, you are really getting 2 beds for the price of 1!  This crib is great for small spaces too.  So it is great if you live in an apartment, or have smaller room it is going into.  This link shows it in cherry but it comes in 4 finishes.


Stokke Sleepi Crib: Ok so this one is a bit on the expensive side ($800) but it might just be the coolest crib out there.  First of all it is oval shaped, which I love, rectangle is so boring.  It is not just a crib, it converts to a bassinet, a toddler bed and a twin bed, although the conversion kits are sold separately.  This is the only piece of furniture your baby will need for a very long time!  The toddler bed is so cool looking too, and seems hard for them to fall out (which my daughter has been doing lately).  You just have to see for yourself.


IKEA Sundvik Crib: This might just be the most affordable crib on the market, that is not hard to put together and stylish too.  For about $120 you are getting a crib and a toddler bed!  I know I paid about $80 for my daughter’s toddler bed and she never slept in it, and that was in addition to the crib we had for her (which was convertible, but I lost the instructions and some pieces to convert).  One downside to this crib, is that is lightweight, which you might think is great because it is easy to move if you need to, but that means older kids who might like to climb inside will be able to move it too, so it is not the sturdiest of cribs in that aspect.  So, it is safe for baby, but not safe if your older child likes to play spider man.  You can make your own decision after checking out their website.
As you can see, a convertible crib is a great investment.  A bassinet (if portable) will allow you to travel as well once you decide you have had enough of the four walls of your house.  Pack it in the car and go see grandma for the day.  It is really a personal choice whether you decide to get a bassinet or crib.  They all have weight limits, so you won’t use it forever.  I know my son grew out of his at 3 months, it was rated for 6 (he is a big boy!).

Did you use a bassinet o crib after bringing your baby home? Share with the rest of us moms, or moms-to-be your choices and why!

26 thoughts on “Should You Use A Bassinet Or Crib for Your Newborn?”

  1. We used a crib. Our master was big enough that we had the crib set up in the corner. That lasted for the first month. The we wheeled the crib into their room. Worked perfectly for us.

  2. I used a bassinet plus a crib. I think new moms should do what makes them happy and what fits in their budget since bassinets can get quite pricey too!

  3. We actually used both! We had a bassinet downstairs and the crib upstairs. It was easier to put baby down in the bassinet when I was downstairs doing things during the day. Both are great options.

  4. We have a 2-1 bassinet from Graco. It vibrates, rocks, has music, a nightlight, and comes apart for easy travel. I love it! She does sleep in her crib at night though since she’s sleeping through the night. We used the bassinet beside our bed while she was still waking every couple hours to nurse. Now we use it downstairs and when we travel… until she grows put of it anyways :p

  5. We’ve always had both but never used either until my babies were about 2. They went into the crib, and then to a toddler bed. Until then they slept with me:)

  6. My advise is always the same- do what works for you and your baby – every baby is different – every parent is different – the two need to figure out what works for both of them.

  7. We used the Rock ‘n Plays for our twins, then cribs when they grew out of them. They were convenient because we could keep them in my room, then move to their own room. Their cribs were convertible, so now they are toddler beds.

  8. I used a bassinet for my 2nd son. My 1st born son wouldn’t sleep in a crib or a bassinet. He liked his vibrating chair or co-sleeping with me. 🙂

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