Potty Training Essentials: Everything You Need for Success

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Did you know that the best time to start stocking up on potty training essentials is before your child is actually ready to start? Let’s face it, kids can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to potty training. With my kids, for months it seemed like they seem to wanted nothing to do with it. Then, all of a sudden, they’re ready. Like RIGHT NOW. If you hesitate too long, you could miss that golden window. I’m not saying you’ll never be able to potty train your child if you don’t leap in that instant, but trust me, when your child makes the big proclamation that he’s ready to use the “big potty,” you want to seize the moment.

I told you before about my potty training panic with my son. I thought he’d never be ready. We came close once, but then his father and I split up and he regressed. It took quite a while before he decided he wanted to try again. I made sure I was stocked to the hilt on everything I’d need to make sure his second try went off without a hitch. I’m going to share with you my favorite potty training essentials so you can be ready when your child is!


Potty Training Essentials for Success

The exact essentials will vary a bit depending on your child. Remember, one size doesn’t fit all with potty training. Still, these are the things just about every parent needs when trying to teach their little one to use the big potty.

A Potty Training Method

The most important thing of all doesn’t cost you a dime. You need a solid potty training method tailored for your child’s unique personality. We’ve talked about this before, but I can’t stress it enough. Take the Pull-Ups® potty personality quiz to determine which of the potty personalities your child most resembles: a Squirrel, Bear Cub, Puppy, Owl or Turtle.


Once you have your results, use the extensive library of articles, videos, tips and tools to craft the perfect plan for your child that will make the potty training journey more specific and helpful for your child.



Training Pants

You’ll want to stock up on plenty of Pull-Ups® Training Pants for the big transition from diapers to training pants. Keep in mind that the training pants transition is really important to the potty training journey you’re taking together – your baby is growing up! Pull-Ups look and feel more like big kid underwear to help give your little one confidence and independence. Plus, the easy open sides are key for quick removal for those accidents that are bound to happen, or just for a quick check when you’re not so sure. Your little one will love that they have so many fun designs with your child’s favorite characters. Take your little one along with you to pick out their favorites and get them excited about potty training!


Now that your potty training journey has begun, make the first time they put on training pants a special one. It’s a huge opportunity to reinforce that you’re in this together and that you’ll get through this as a team.


Wondering why you should go with Pull-Ups instead of just sticking to diapers? Dr. Heather Wittenberg, Pull-Ups potty training partner and child development expert explains in the video below about the importance of transitioning to Pull-Ups and sticking with them.


The Potty

Whether you opt for a miniature throne of your child’s own or one of those seats that attach to your big toilet, you’ll want to get a tot-friendly potty of some sort while your child is learning. Again, consider taking your child along to pick out the potty and really build up some excitement.

Basically, you’ll want something that’s comfy for your child to sit on, even if you’re potty training a boy. Check out Dr. Wittenberg explain why little guys should pee sitting down, at least in the beginning.



Like your potty training method, your rewards should be based entirely on your child’s personality. Some kids absolutely love the idea of filling up a sticker chart. Follow the link for some really fun printable charts to mark different accomplishments, giving them the opportunity to show their progress to friends and family.



With my son, I used a treasure chest as a reward system for everything from potty training to good behavior. I filled up an inexpensive wooden chest with all sorts of little tot-safe trinkets and toys. When he achieved a goal, he got to reach in and grab a reward.


Like the first thing on the list, this one doesn’t cost a dime either. You’ll need lots of enthusiasm to help your child reach that potty training goal! Some kids pick it up super quick. Remember how I mentioned that my niece was starting her potty training journey? Well, she’s already done! Other kids, like my son, take a bit longer. Even if you feel frustrated at times, it’s important not to let your child see that. Exude confidence, energy and enthusiasm when you’re working with your child. You can always vent to your partner or friend later, when your little one is way out of earshot.

Once you have your potty training essentials, you’ll be ready to start the journey the moment your child shows signs that it’s time! Good luck, mommies and daddies! I’ll be rooting for you!


What is your child’s potty training personality? Take the quiz and tell us in the comments!

36 thoughts on “Potty Training Essentials: Everything You Need for Success”

  1. I potty trained my son a couple years ago and i lucked out it was easy. I understand it’s not the same for everybody but you have such amazing tips to help potty train.

  2. I would have to say I had a bear cub (son) and a puppy (daughter). Both were so different with their potty training…Thank goodness for their daycare..They did an amazing job in supporting the potty training for both of them!

  3. christina aliperti

    I remember potty training and I don’t miss it at all lol. These are really good tips for parents going through the potty training struggle!

  4. Great tips for the mums out there. Some great ideas here. I’m not a mum myself but can imagine these are really important.

  5. Great post! my youngest got potty trained over the Summer she has been the fastest of my 4 who basically grasped it super fast. To me what I’ve learned after 4 is follow their lead and cheer for the good and even the opps along the way.

  6. The only method that actually worked for us was bribery. If you go potty on the toilet you get candy. Lets just say he was potty trained in 2 weeks!

  7. Reesa Lewandowski

    Having a plan is so important. I remember days where I didn’t have supplies when potty training were the worst days!

  8. So glad to be out of the potty training stage! I wish I had this list when I did potty train. I found that having something to bribe them with was also helpful.

  9. What helpful tips for potty training! I especially this its cute and clever to figure out the style based on the “animal quiz” – that is great!!

  10. I’m pretty sure my 2 year old is a bear cub! We have been potty training for several months now, but he still isn’t too excited about wearing “big boy undies” like his older brother. We are using rewards and lots of encouragement along with Pullups.

  11. This is super detailed and great advice for moms who are ready to take this on! I was so lucky. My darling two year old looked my in the eye and said, Mommy, I go potty in the big potty. And that was it. No mistakes, no questions, no bribery.

  12. Potty training can be a challenge and I found fun pull ups really helped my daughter because she felt like a big girl pulling up underwear. She was trained before she was 2 so she was an eager one and I was a happy Mama! Anything that motivates the little ones is worth a try!

  13. It is such an exciting time for little ones. I remember how proud each of my littles were when they finally mastered potty training. Looks like the resources are getting better and better. Love the designs on those Pull-ups.

  14. The potty training process was such a long haul but we are finally there. With the exception of bedtime and naps, but that’s what we use pull-ups for and we love them in this house!

  15. It’s always nice to see a positive article about potty training. You’ve included great suggestions and positive reinforcement to give parents a good feeling about achieving this goal with their toddler.

  16. Yep, you definitely need Pull Ups. I like the reasoning here. I know my son thought he was a big boy to get out of diapers and into pullups! It was so good for his self esteem.

  17. Pull Ups were a great tool for us when we were potty training the kids. I used to make it a game by putting Cheerios in the toilet for my Son to practice his aim.

  18. The sticker chart was a great motivator for my daughter. She liked the Pull Ups too. She never wanted to go pee pee on her favorite characters so it really helped her use the big girl potty more.

  19. Pull Ups were key in our strategy of potty training both of our kids. They really did help the training, giving them a sense of wearing “big kid” underwear!

  20. Catherine Sargent

    This is a great post. Having pull-ups with a picture on the front really helped with my son. He didn’t want to use the bathroom on the picture. For his reward, he would get a stamp on his hand.

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