Newborn Survival Kit: Essentials for New Parents

Parenting Tips for New Parents: Give New Parents this awesome Newborn Survival Kit to make those first few weeks and months easier! Includes the necessities & nice extras!

When you come home from the hospital with your pride and joy, you will need this great New Parents Newborn Survival Kit.  Not only will it offer you some great tools to help you get through the first few weeks and months, it will also encourage you to know you aren’t alone.  All new parents struggle with lack of sleep, frustration, lack of time to shower and even depression.  These are natural and normal things that happen when a child is born.  Being prepared will help tremendously.

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Parenting Tips for New Parents: How to Create a Newborn Survival Kit

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Pretty Nursing Camisole:  Breastfeeding moms everywhere will tell you how exhausting this can be.  There is barely time to shower, let alone do your hair and makeup. A set of nice pretty nursing camisoles can really help you feel better about yourself, while being functional.  Throw a simple sweater or cardigan over these in cooler months for a warmer layered look.  Not only are they functional, they give an exhausted mom a little self confidence boost.

Parenting Tips for New Parents: How to Create a Newborn Survival Kit

Baby Wrap Or Swing For Wearing:  Baby wearing has become more and more popular in the last few years.  These wraps give you an easy way to hold your baby hands free.  Not only will this help you to be able to do things like clean, wash dishes and fold clothes – it makes a safe easy way for you to hold them while you rock them to sleep too.  Should you drift off to sleep sitting up rocking them, you know they are secure against you!  (Not recommended – lay the baby down first – then go take a nap too)!


Parenting Tips for New Parents: How to Create a Newborn Survival Kit

Swaddler For Sleep:  Babies are so use to being snuggled up in the fetal position inside their mother that being out without that tight security can make it hard for them to fall asleep.  The first few weeks or month of their life can be much easier when you use a swaddler.  Just lay your baby in the blanket like cloth and wrap them securely and easily into a swaddled position.

Parenting Tips for New Parents: How to Create a Newborn Survival Kit

Boppy Nursing Pillow:  This has become the standard in comfort for many parents of newborns.  This pillow makes it much easier to prop your baby up while nursing or feeding them. It is also a great lower back support or even neck pillow for mom and dad.  We love the fact that you can easily slip the cover off to wash up incase there is an accident, spill or spit up from the baby.


Parenting Tips for New Parents: How to Create a Newborn Survival Kit

Rechargable Cell Phone Charger Sure you can easily plug your phone in when at home or in the car, but in those first few months you’ll likely be taking your baby to meet family members, to church events and more.  Having an easy cell phone charger that you can sleep into your purse and not need an outlet for will be a huge help. The chance to take all of those great pictures on the go with your smart phone is made easier with this charger.

Parenting Tips for New Parents: How to Create a Newborn Survival Kit

Along with this great new parent survival kit, don’t forget that the new parents will need some occasional help around the house, meals prepared for them, or just a shoulder to cry on.  As much joy as there is in welcoming a new baby, there are also a lot of fears, frustrations and unexpected trials.  Be open and willing to help them in whatever way you can.
Do you have any parenting tips to help create a “newborn survival kit?” for new parents? Tell us in the comments?

30 thoughts on “Newborn Survival Kit: Essentials for New Parents”

  1. Love those nursing camisoles. Wish I’ve found them sooner. Helpful stuff!

    The baby deedee sleep nest is the best baby gift I got with my newborn. Ever since I transitioned sweetpie into this sleeping bag, she is doing really well on sleep front. Knowing she is warm and safe and I enjoy my beauty sleep.

  2. My daughter never took a liking to a sling or baby carrier since I believe she didn’t like the sense of confinement, but the boppy pillow was ingenious. Wonderful ideas!

  3. What a great list! We loved using the Boppy. Never had them around until our youngest was born. It’s awesome.

  4. These are great ideas. I wish I had had a carrier when my daughter was born. The Charger is a great idea and something that I never would have thought of. Having a new baby is so tough especially on first time moms that making it easier with a gift pack would be awesome.

  5. Those wrap carriers are so nice. My daughter-in-law used one for her baby girl, and it let her keep the baby close to her, but still get so much done around the house. It made mommy and baby both very happy! 🙂

  6. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    I actually didn’t have any of these things when I had my son. I really want a wrap like that for my next baby though.

  7. A newborn survival kit…this is the most genius thing I’ve ever seen! I wish I had every single one of these when my girls were newborns, I probably only had 1/3rd of them.

  8. I love this list. My daughter recently had twins and they are just getting to come home from the hospital this week so I know she will be needing some of these things. I am going for that pillow first going by the comments it must be pretty awesome!

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