7 Cheery Non-Toxic Plants For A Nursery

Getting non-toxic plants for a nursery is a beautiful way to bring a piece of the outside into your baby’s world. Use our guide to pick safe choices!

Picking non-toxic plants for a nursery is a beautiful way to bring a piece of the outside into your baby’s world. Not only can adding non-toxic pants be beautiful, but plants also can help improve the air quality in our homes. Brighten up your baby’s world from the start by adding plants. To avoid constantly dumped pots, you may want to keep them out of your babies reach in the beginning! Here are my favorite non-toxic plants to add to a nursery.

Non-Toxic Plants For A Nursery

Baby Rubber


Aww, it even has baby in the name! This tiny plant starts out small but will eventually become pretty big. It can grow right alongside your child! Best of all, this one holds up to some forgetfulness in the watering department. Ooops, I think I watered it last week, maybe it was two weeks ago?

Donkey’s Tail


This plant is practically indestructible. Similar to a cactus but without all the ouchy needles, this plant does best in a gritty soil with lots of drainage. You do need to provide this plant with sunlight from the windowsill and protect it from extreme cold. Sometimes this lush nontoxic is called by its ultra-ego name, Burro’s tail. Once you stop snickering at the silly name, you should seriously consider picking this non-toxic plants for a nursery or in your home.

African Violets


African violets are like the apples in your fruit basket; almost every has them. This plant has pretty little blooms, are nontoxic and have super soft leaves. Pick between purple, pink or white blossoms.

Boston Fern


If large leafy plants are your style, then you should add a Boston Fern to your home. Large and leafy, these ferns thrive inside under medium to high light so do make sure you keep it near a window. These are a great plant to have in a hanging basket, which also keeps babies from pulling the plant out of the pot by the roots!



This pretty tropical plant also called “Nerve Plant” looks beautiful in a pot. Pick up a Fittonia with dark green or red veins in the leaves, in a pale pink (my favorite!) or a silvery white. Fittonia thrives under fluorescent lights and prefers indirect sunlight, making it a good plant for inside. They especially like warm, humid environments and are perfect near the humidifier! Mist frequently and enjoy the pretty colored leaves!

Spider Plants



When I think of house plants, spider plants are one of the first plants that come to mind Not only with this plant hold up to a bit of neglect, it sprouts babies that you can re-pot for even more baby plants. This is a great choice for a beginner without a green thumb and the perfect air purifier.

Christmas Cactus


Don’t be fooled by the name. A Christmas Cactus makes a great addition to your home. This plant is not actually a cactus and has no needles, but the plant has the shape of some cactus plants. This beautiful nontoxic plant also flowers in the winter time, which makes it a beautiful houseplant.

Do you have any more favorite non-toxic plants for a nursery? Tell me YOUR favorites in the comments!

8 thoughts on “7 Cheery Non-Toxic Plants For A Nursery”

  1. love your list of plants useful in the nursery and anywhere else young children will be. I love african violets my mom used to have them and spider plants in so many areas of the house. Thanks for the tips and ideas

  2. Lawrence Hamilton

    I like the Donkey’s Tail and the African Violet myself. Did not know they were non-toxic and would work in a nursery. You learn something new each day!

  3. What a great post! It is important to introduce children to nature early in life. Growing plants in their nursery is a great way to do this plus it cleans the air of all those nasty things you don’t want your baby to breathe anyway. Thanks for sharing this important information!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    This was interesting, I never even contemplated having plants in my children’s nurseries. I love the Christmas cactus, I used to have several and they flowered like mad, beautiful.

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