Keep your baby warm in style with Blue Baby Bum + Giveaway (US & CAN)

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Looking for a fun, stylish and easy way to keep your baby warm on your family outings? You have to check out Blue Baby Bum These stunning handmade blankets attach securely to your stroller, so you don’t have to worry about losing them on your travels!

The weather sure cooled down fast lately, didn’t it? Fall is my favorite time to get out and about with my family. I love the crisp air and beautiful colors of the trees! We’re huge fans of pumpkin patches, harvest festivals and other fun autumn activities. With the fluctuation in temperatures, I’m always adding and removing layers. When you’re out and about with your baby, though, it’s kind of a hassle to keep taking off all those extra layers. That’s why I always used stroller blankets. When the weather got crazy cold, even with the extra layers I felt like my baby needed something more.

Blue Baby Bum: A beautiful and convenient stroller blanket


My biggest problem with using a blanket in the stroller: it constantly fell! Of course, it didn’t just fall onto a clean floor. Nope. It had to fall at the worst possible moment. Like right over a mud puddle or in a gross bathroom.

Blue Baby Bum doesn’t have that problem. They’ve created a unique yet simple solution: a hole to put the stroller seat buckle through that keeps the blanket in place and two Velcro straps to hold it conveniently off the ground while not in use. So brilliant, it makes you wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”


Of course, a brilliant solution to a problem isn’t really all that brilliant if it’s not attached to a fantastic product, right? Take one look at Blue Baby Bum and you’ll fall in love! The fun, colorful patters alone are enough to draw your attention. Add in the soft minky interior, made of 100% polyester, and your baby will be traveling in style AND comfort! I wish they made them in my size!

The Blue Baby Bum Story

I love a company with a great story. Blue Baby Bum was started by a real mom who wanted to find and share practical solutions to basic parenting products. You know how you sometimes think “gee, a button here or a hole there would make this so much better!” Well, she thought it, then made it a reality. Blue Baby Bum blankets are handmade, from beginning to end.
The company supports the community and other moms, providing jobs at a fair wage. Every aspect of the product creation involves real hands, not machines. Blue Baby Bum products are made right in the US. It’s a company that you can be proud to support.

Visit Blue Baby Bum to learn more about their great blankets and fantastic company.

Blue Baby Bum Giveaway

Ended. Congrats to Anna W.

Which Blue Baby Bum blanket is your favorite?

48 thoughts on “Keep your baby warm in style with Blue Baby Bum + Giveaway (US & CAN)”

  1. I really do like the red elephant pattern on the blanket by Blue Baby Bum. It is so colourful and cheerful and I think baby will love it too!! 🙂

  2. What a great looking stroller. I love the red banner and dancing elephants. Is it a 3 wheeler? Looks like one from here.

  3. My favourite blanket is the Elephants Gray Stroller Blankie! It would be wonderful for my youngest daughter who is expecting her first baby!

  4. So cute. When my children were little I had to use blankets and they would constantly fall off the bottom and many times get ran over and get dirty.

  5. The Pink Giraffe Stroller Blankie is adorable! I love the idea of these stroller blankets, especially with winter coming up (and rumors that it’s going to be colder than usual!)

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