3 Ways JOHNSON’S Makes the Holidays Easier for My Family #HeadToToeBaby

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Planning on traveling with the kids this season? Check out three ways JOHNSON’S® baby products make the holidays easier for my family!

The holiday season is upon us and that means lots of traveling to see our friends and family.  It is my favorite time of year, even more so since I had kids!  But there are 3 things I will not go without this holiday seasons (and no, I do not mean eggnog). JOHNSON’S® products are a staple in our home and this busy time of year is no different. Actually, I make sure I do not run out of anything!  We will be traveling a lot this holiday season and I don’t want to be without any of my favorite JOHNSON’S® products.

Not only is this the time of year for friends and family, but it is finally nice enough here in Florida to be able spend more time outside, and for us, that means camping.  I know, camping during winter may sound odd to most of you, but the weather is gorgeous, the humidity has finally left, nights are cool and you can finally enjoy the outdoors.

How JOHNSON’S® Makes the Holidays Easier for My Family

NEW JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE baby cleansing clothes

We took our first camping trip recently and you can be sure I made sure I packed my JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE cleansing clothes!  It was only for one night this time, but 2 kids can get pretty dirty in one night outdoors.  I even used them in the morning before getting dressed, made me feel a bit cleaner even without a shower.  They are 2x the size of your typical baby wipe and so much softer and stronger (at least that is how I feel).  I usually use baby wipes for more than diaper changes (don’t we all?)

JOHNSON’S®  NO MORE TANGLES detangling spray


I feel like we have a stockpile of JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES detangling spray.  It is a staple when you have kids (especially girls with long hair!)  This month is a blur of holiday pictures, family pictures and just everyday candids, your typical memory making month.  After every bath and shower, we use JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES detangling spray, to make brushing wet hair easy, and also soft the next day.  Nothing really compares to JOHNSON’S® detangling spray, their no more tears formula is by far the best.  We even use it on dry hair!  It works perfect, leaving your child’s hair soft and smelling sweet too.


When we are done traveling and come home and the kids get a nice, proper, bath, I always wash them with JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME moisture wash.  It is formulated with NATURALCALM, which is like aromatherapy in the tub!  It is a great way to help soothe my little ones during this crazy holiday season.  This NO MORE TEARS formula is just as gentle to your baby’s eyes as the water you are using to wash him.  This is key when washing my little man!

I don’t know what you carry with you when you travel during the holiday season, but you might want to add these JOHNSON’S® items to your must-have list!  Anything that makes traveling with my little people a little easier, I am in love with, and JOHNSON’S® never fails me.  Have you tried any of these products that I love?

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What is your favorite JOHNSON’S® baby product & how does it make your life easier? Share in the comments!

22 thoughts on “3 Ways JOHNSON’S Makes the Holidays Easier for My Family #HeadToToeBaby”

  1. Christina Aliperti

    No More Tangles has been a lifesaver in my family for years. My mom used it for me, I used it on my son and my sister in law uses it for my nieces too.

  2. It’s been a long time since my kids have been this little, but even then Johnson’s was my to-go-to product that I loved and trusted for my little ones. I may check out those Head-to-toe clothes to keep in the glove box when I”m traveling. They could come in handy after a messy fast food meal.

  3. I always keep a package of JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE cleansing clothes on hand. I have them in my bag and in the car. You never know when a mess might happen.

  4. Johnson’s product is one of the best and safe to use. More parents choose to use these product for their babies.

  5. Johnson’s is my brand when I need products for my girls. I love the detangling spray. It definitely helps with all the long hair.

  6. I love washing my baby in Johnsons. I normally just use the lavender wash for bedtime with my baby. My girls used the head-to-toe wash for showers tonight though. I didn’t even know they had cleansing cloths.

  7. Johnson’s was always our go-to brand when our girls were little. I actually still stash those cleansing wipes in my purse because they are great for on the go (and they smell good too!)

  8. This detangling spray would be great for us. I hate having to detangle my granddaughter’s hair without product like this.

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