Bath Time is Fun & Easy Thanks to JOHNSON’S #HeadToToeBaby

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I love bath time at night with my son! It not only signals the end of the day and means I’ll soon have a bit of quiet time for myself (I am a SAHM and it’s summer break, enough said, right?), it’s also a great time for me to sit with my little one and play with him in the water.  I love watching him discover new things like, like how to pop soapy bubbles and how splashing gets Mommy wet (he loves this by the way).  Listening to him giggle in the tub has to be the best part of my day!

Make Bath Time Fun & Easy with JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE

When it comes time to wash my son in the bath, I always choose JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Baby Wash.  Their products have made bath time that much easier by only needing one wash for my little man.  Think about it, you’ve got your baby in the tub, and he is ready to get out (at least when mine is ready, he is ready!).  You don’t have time to switch between products to wash his hair and his little body! With JOHNSON’S it is one and done! My baby is ready to get out.

Bathtime isn’t just for fun for my boy to splash around and giggle (which is still the best part for me), it is also time for us to bond.  One of the ways I do this is through massage. He gets a little one with each bath as I clean him up. It really helps relax him before bedtime.  JOHNSON’S products are so fabulous (and safe for his eyes, no stinging!).  I know I am nourishing his soft and delicate skin.  To complete his bath time routine, we now use JOHNSON’S new HEAD-TO-TOE Baby Lotion.  Just like the Baby Wash, it is great for his skin, perfectly pH-balanced and contains vitamin E and baby oil, because babies have delicate skin.  He is left smelling so sweet, clean, soft and ready for bed.

JOHNSON’S has come out with a new lotion, that like the rest of their line is safe to use on your infant, and I encourage it!  JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing Cream is perfect for your littlest one from morning to night.  Did you know your baby’s skin loses moisture 2x faster than yours?  You can use the Extra Moisturizing Cream any time of the day. Of course, you can use the HEAD-TO-TOE Baby Lotion anytime too, but the Extra Moisturizing Cream is just right for those times when your baby’s delicate skin needs a bit of an extra boost.

I love how JOHNSON’S products always leave my baby smelling and feeling clean, especially after a long day outside.  They make bath time easier with their HEAD-TO-TOE products.  There is a reason hospitals have been trusting JOHNSON’S for years; they are safe and gentle for your baby.  Bath time is made simple with their 2-step bath time routine using HEAD-TO-TOE Baby Wash and following after with Baby Lotion or Extra Moisturizing Lotion.

If you’re looking for the perfect bath time products, I definitely recommended picking up JOHNSON’s HEAD-TO-TOE line! It’s easy to see why JOHNSON’S has been a partner to parents for generations. My mom used them on me when I was a baby, and now I trust them for my baby’s delicate skin too.

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What are your favorite bath time rituals with your baby? Share in the comments!

39 thoughts on “Bath Time is Fun & Easy Thanks to JOHNSON’S #HeadToToeBaby”

  1. Johnsons Baby products have been around forever! My first grandchild is scheduled to arrive this fall and I’ll definitely be getting some of these baby bath goodies for her!

  2. We used J&J products too when my son was little. I like all their products, they are so suitable for babies’ skin.

  3. Looks like someone really like their bath time or maybe getting mommy wet. I don’t think you can go to any parent’s house without finding a bottle of J&J products.

  4. I’ve been using Johnsons&Johnsons for years now, ever since the twins were born. They make amazing products and I love that ones that can be used from head to toe! Their moisturizers are awesome as well.

  5. I love Johnson’s bath time products! I especially love the lavender scent because bath time is a calming part of our day before bed. Lavender settles my boys down before bed. I trust no other brand but Johnson.

  6. It’s been a long time since I did bath time rituals with my kids. With the firstborn, she got a bath every. single. night. Now that they’re older, I’m lucky if I get my kids to bathe twice per week!

  7. Meagen Brosius

    I love the Johnson’s baby products. I especially like their products because they feel safe and also effective. Sometimes the “safe” option doesn’t really work as well but that’s why we love Johnson’s!

  8. Johnsons really does have the best baby products for bath time, love their brand. I am not sure I have a favorite, but if I had to recall I think their lavender version is best.

  9. Love Johnsons. I tend to use it on myself as well as the kiddos, its such a great name and the products are superior! Great stuff.

  10. I always used Johnsons on my kids when they were babies. I even use Johnsons shampoo now on my daughter – it’s great for after the pool.

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