How To Make Rice Cereal More Tasty To Your Little One

Looking for ways to make rice cereal tastier to your little one? Check out our baby tips for taking that bland cereal & turning it into yummy goodness!

Your little one is growing up and you are moving on to the next stage in feedings, rice cereal.  One week he loves it and the next spits it in your face.  What do you do?  You still have to feed him so how do you get him to eat the things he is supposed to?  Here are a few baby tips and tricks to help you out!

Baby Tips: Making Rice Cereal Tastier

Applesauce: Try mixing it with applesauce instead of water.  That would taste better to you wouldn’t it?  Or you can try other fruits.  Something other than water might make him like it more, he can smell and taste the sweetness of it.  And he will be getting some other nutrients as well!  It will give it a different texture as well, maybe it’s the texture of the water and rice cereal that he doesn’t like.

Naturally Flavored water: Are you one of those people that will only drink water when it is flavored?  Try this with your little one, instead of good ole mountain spring water, try mixing it with flavored water.  See which one he likes best.  It will give the cereal a little bit of a different taste each time. Just make sure you’re using the right kind of flavored water. While some manufacturers do add sugar to sweeten it, you can find plenty of naturally flavored water without sugar. 

Cinnamon: Think cinnamon toast, only this is rice cereal.  Sprinkle some of the spice on it.  Leave the other spices in the cabinet, you don’t want to do any harm by using cumin or anything.

OJ: Mix in a little orange juice for taste (or other juice, just stay away from prune juice!).  Remember, you aren’t giving him a sippy cup of juice, mix it with the water then just add a little for flavoring.  And just a tip, when you do start to give him juice, cut it with mostly water and splash of juice.  It will cut down on the amount of sugar he is getting from the juice.  I did this for a very long time with my daughter.

Baby food: Just like with anything listed above, mix in a little and see what he prefers.  Its a good starter for when he is ready for baby food.  Plus he gets the added nutrients of the food, whether it be fruits, veggies or something else.

You might just be finding out that kids can be finicky eaters!  It typically takes 10 or more attempts at a new food for a child to develop a taste for it.  So don’t give up!  This is just the beginning, but think about it, he is just starting to learn to eat from something other than a bottle and rice cereal by itself is so bland…would you want to eat it?  Try some different things and share with us what works!

 Have you been down this road before?  Share your baby tips with us on how you got over your rice cereal or other food humps with your kids!


12 thoughts on “How To Make Rice Cereal More Tasty To Your Little One”

  1. thanks for the tips! I have bookmarked this page to reference when it is time for cereal with baby #2 :)

  2. Audrey Fernandez

    I wish this blog was there when my little one was growing up. Great tips and the really good one is the cinnamon with pureed apple. Banana and milk also worked great with my kid. But one should be careful about sugar.

  3. I don’t think I would ever use flaovoured water in rice cereal for a baby. Too much added sugar. However I will add some mashed up banana, apple or pears to give it more flavour an introduce new foods.
    Also making cereal up with breast milk instead of water makes them love it that much more.

  4. My first loved rice cereal… my second and third, not so much. I never pushed it. If they didn’t like it, then I just found other foods that they did like or waited until they could pick up little bits of food to eat themselves, instead of me spoon-feeding them. :) Thanks for the tips!

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