Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Monitor

Knowing how to choose a baby monitor is so important because it's your link to your bundle of joy when you're not in the same room. Check out our tips!

When I was born, (which feels like ages ago), my mom had to check on me every few minutes or so. I was a gassy baby with acid reflux. Not fun. Fast forward 30 and plus years after, we have the technology to help us keep an eye on our babies: Baby Monitors. A baby monitor is a must-have item. These products are designed to give parents peace of mind when they are not in the same room as their baby. And the peace of mind is much needed: between feeding, diapers, and other family members to take care of, new parents can feel overwhelmed, with reason.  There are so many baby monitors on the market that it will take forever to evaluate and select the best baby monitor.

How to Choose A Baby Monitor

Types of monitors

There are three types of baby monitors for you to choose from:

  • Audio baby monitor: Audio monitors allow you to hear your baby if you are in another room
  • Movement baby monitor: Movement monitors have three components: transmitter, pad and receiver. The transmitter is placed in your baby’s room, the pad is placed under the baby’s mattress and you have the receiver with you. The idea is to let you know when your baby moves.
  • Video baby monitor.  Video monitors allow you to see as well as hear your baby.

What to look for

There are some things to look for when shopping for a baby monitor.

  • One thing to look for is the frequency. You don’t want to choose a monitor with a 49 MHz frequency since these can interfere with other devices such as cell phones. You should choose one with at least 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz is even better.
  • You also want to choose a baby monitor with a low battery indicator, so you know when it is time to replace the batteries.
  • Volume controls are also important features to have, especially when you don’t want to hear every slight sound the baby makes.
  • When choosing a baby monitor, consider its power source. You want to choose one that runs on both power and batteries since battery-only monitors will have you constantly replacing batteries.
  • You also want to select a monitor that features multiple channels, since this will allow you to locate a channel that doesn’t have much interference.

Did you use a baby monitor for your little angels? How did you choose it? What weighed in your decision?

7 thoughts on “Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Monitor”

  1. Great post, I never knew of so much baby monitors. ill purchase one soon as I am almost due. i’ll go with the video baby monitor as ill be able to see my baby. Also because of the two-way communication in case she needs something when she starts talking.

  2. Video
    Monitors were so new and expensive when my son was young. Good to see they are much cheaper and better quality

  3. These are great tips for soon to be new parents about choosing the right baby monitor. The technology now days is so advanced and so convenient for new parents. I didn’t have one for either of my little ones when they were babies.

  4. Great to know about so many baby monitors. I personally prefer video baby monitors because babies are so delicate. It’s required to keep an eye on them always.

  5. I would much prefer a video monitor. That’s the only way I can stop worrying. I’m glad we have a range of choices now unlike before! I wish I had this much options when the twins were little!

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