How to Buy the Absolute Perfect Baby Stroller

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With so many different options out there, choosing the perfect baby stroller  may seem a bit daunting. Should you go with the super-sized, all-in-one travel center or something a bit more compact? Do you need a jogging stroller or something more suited for, well, strolling? It’s not like the grocery store checkout, where your biggest choices are paper, plastic or “I brought my own bag.” Strollers are a big purchase, so you want to make sure you’re getting something that you’ll actually use AND enjoy using. Check out my tips for choosing the perfect baby stroller.

How to Buy the Perfect Baby Stroller

Remember that you’re buying it for YOUR baby


Don’t get drawn in by all the fancy features when you’re looking at baby strollers. Think about how YOU will be using it. Look at the functionality of each stroller in relation to how it fits into your lifestyle. For example, if you’ve never jogged a day in your life, do you REALLY need to get a stroller designed for runners? If you’re constantly on the go and planning to travel a lot with baby, a bulky stroller system may not be the way to go. You might want to opt for a something more like the Bravo Trio Stroller (pictured above). It actually lets you remove the stroller seat and insert your baby’s car seat, then transitions to a baby stroller and a toddler stroller.



Of course, if you ARE a jogger, you’ll want something that lets you take your baby on your runs yet keeps him comfy & safe! Jogging strollers are also great for walking on sidewalks and over bumpy terrain. I like the Tre Jogging Stroller from Chicco because it’s bright and colorful. This isn’t just good for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety. It lets cars see you.
Try to maximize your baby budget


If you’re working with a tight budget, going with a travel system may actually be the best baby stroller for your needs. has travel systems with a stroller and infant car seat starting at $279. However, my favorite is a bit pricier but comes with SO much stuff. It’s the Mix Match III KeyFit 30 Car Seat + Liteway Plus Stroller Bundle. It comes with a free extra car seat base. That way, you can install a base in your car and another car, and easily switch the seat. The stroller easily converts from an infant car seat carrier to a toddler stroller. Plus it’s lightweight, perfect for parents on the go!

Consider other young children


If you’re having twins or you already have a baby who will still need a stroller, think about getting a double baby stroller. The Cortina Together Double Stroller is super cute and sturdy. It’s also super adaptable. Check out all the ways you can use it:


Each seat holds up to 40 pounds, so it’s perfect for babies and toddlers. My son didn’t hit 40 pounds until he was like 5! Oh, how I miss the days of being able to put him in a stroller. Honestly, I just miss the space for my purse and bags, which brings me to my next points.

Consider your storage needs

One of the best things about having a baby in a stroller: having a space to put your purse and shopping bags! I’m not kidding, that was my favorite thing about using a baby stroller. I can’t stand carrying things. I always buy cross-body purses because I don’t like things hanging off my shoulder or in my hands when I’m walking around. If you travel light, you can get away with a stroller with just a little mesh spot underneath it. If you’re going mall shopping, though, I recommend pulling out the big baby stroller with the handy cup holder! Of course, I’m not saying this should be your main consideration when you buy a stroller, but we’re talking the perfect stroller for your baby, bells and whistles included.

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What do you think is the perfect baby stroller? What type of stroller did you get if you already had a baby?





33 thoughts on “How to Buy the Absolute Perfect Baby Stroller”

  1. I’m totally dating myself here but when my daughter was a baby, the choices were umbrella stroller or old fashioned pram. LOL I love all of the features the baby strollers have today {gosh, I sound old ;) }.

  2. The options they have now for strollers is just amazing to me. Things have definitely improved since my big kids were little ones. ;)

  3. I would say the 2 most important things to consider are Price and Lifestyle. If you have an active Lifestyle for example .. then a Jogger would work better than a traditional stroller

  4. I think the best baby strollers need to be really manageable. There are some that are overdone! They are huge and awkward and make the task of pushing baby around with you even more difficult!

  5. What great ideas. Picking a baby carriage can be so over-whelming and this made it pretty simple. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I really love this timely post. I am already searching for a perfect baby stroller for my new born. This review is very much helpful to me for choosing the right one. Love the giveaway as well. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. I didn’t get the “perfect” stroller. I found so many expensive, I just wanted one that I could afford. Since I ended up buying an individual stroller and a double stroller, affordability was key. I ended up with two Graco strollers.

  8. I’m kind of relieved stroller days are behind us. My niece just had a baby though and my brother is expecting this November, so this is valuable information they could both use!

  9. There are so many choices for strollers. It has been a long time since i needed one. I will share this post with my friends with little ones.

  10. We’ve been through a lot of strollers! My perfect stroller has to have a basket underneath, must recline and has to have 2 cup holders for mom and dad. It’s not always about baby.

  11. Strollers have definitely changed since my little one was using one. I can’t believe all the features these strollers offer.

  12. We bought a jogging stroller and when my son was older we got an umbrella stroller for trips. The jogging stroller is still in use – 3.5 years later!

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