7 Super Cute Harry Potter Nursery Ideas for Your Baby


If you are looking for super cute Harry Potter nursery ideas for your baby, you have stopped at the right post!  From flying keys to a Harry Potter handmade quilt, your baby’s nursery will be fit for Hogwarts!  The good news is this is a theme that can grow with him as well.  You won’t have to do a room makeover for a while to come.  Check out these items and ideas for your baby’s Harry Potter nursery!

Harry Potter Nursery Ideas

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Harry Potter Blanket

How cute is this wizard themed baby blanket?!  It’s not just a blanket but also an educational one to start stimulating the little one’s mind. Made by Lovey in a vibrant modern satin fabric pattern, with a Minky Dimple Dot textured plush backing perfect for baby gift, baptism or dedication.

Flying keys mobile

 This DIY mobile is super cute!  You can get the keys for $1 at Michael’s craft stores (or any other one I am sure).  For wings, use feathers.  You also need string, hot glue, wire ribbon and an embroidery hoop. Check out the tutorial in the video below; she does a great job of showing you how to make it!

Harry Potter inspired alphabet prints

 ‘H is for Harry Potter’ these are super cute!  It is a nice twist on a classic item typically found in a baby’s nursery.  The font is done in the font for Harry Potter and each letter has to do do with the theme.  You can order them individually, and each one is 8×10.  How cool would it look to have them all on one wall?  Check them out here; she makes them custom!


Harry Potter Playing Cards

 I love the look of this idea, and never would have thought of it on my own (thank you Pinterest!)  You can purchase this Harry Potter deck of playing cards at Amazon.  Great for learning number counting!

Harry Potter Nursery Wall Art

Amazon has tons of really cute peel-and-stick wall art with a Harry Potter theme. The best thing about this type of decor: it’s easy to put up and remove. Plus it’s pretty inexpensive. My favorite is the Dumbledore quote above.

Complete Nursery Makeover

Check out this amazing Harry Potter inspired nursery, all completed!  I think my favorite is the ceiling. Not many people think to paint the ceiling! Check out all the little items that fill out this look here at Random Tuesday’s post.


Your kids aren’t always going to like what you like.  Someday you are going to go shopping for bedding, and they are going to tell you they no longer like zoo animals (gasp!) but for now, you can decorate his nursery however you want and what cuter way than a Harry Potter themed room?

What would you add to a nursery that was all about Harry Potter?  Share with us in the comment section below.


9 thoughts on “7 Super Cute Harry Potter Nursery Ideas for Your Baby”

  1. I love quotes so the beautiful, star wrapped quotes would be a big hit with me. All the ideas offered us great tips to use.

  2. These are all incredibly cute. Our family does not know huge amount about Harry Potter. I’ve seen some movies but I do know somebody that would be so into this I think they would decorate their entire house like this.

  3. What fun! My niece just had twins and is moving to a new home soon – they arrival made their current house very small….She’ll be decorating and is looking for ideas. I’m sending this over to her. Thanks you!

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