7 Ideas To Make A Blissful Gender Neutral Nursery

Inspiration is here! See our ideas for cozy gender neutral nursery ideas that will fill your heart and home with love as you prepare for baby.

Cozy gender neutral nurseries are not exactly the simplest projects. Should you find yourself shopping in any of the mainstream baby stores, most of the time you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with choices that are very specifically pink or blue. Maybe a mint green option is thrown into the mix. Never fear, savvy mama to be! I have found some beautiful, cozy and inspirational gender neutral nursery ideas to inspire you. Check them out!

Create A Cozy Gender Neutral Nursery

Modern Black And White



This one required both pictures because I did not entirely get the black and white theme until I saw both pictures together. Young babies who’s vision is still developing respond very well to sharp contrasts in color, so the black and white letters are fab for giving baby something to look at while you rock. I love the look!

Sunshine Yellow, Cream and Silver Chevron


This nursery style is all about that patterned wallpaper. Cute pops of bright sunshiny yellow accent those walls to bring the whole look together. I love the little bear picture on the wall.

Flashy Silver And White


This silver and white nursery is fit for royalty! The silver accents paired with the white just seems luxurious. I like how the wall decorations can bring in a bit more personal touch.

Calming Naturals And Browns


Check out this idea for a nursery that looks so relaxing in cream and natural wood colors. This beautiful nursery could mesh easily with other décor, and gives you the feeling of being in an oasis or a spa. I might just need a spa sometimes when I am up at all hours with a newborn.

Down By The Ocean


I love the breezy feel of this nautical themed nursery. Clean whites keep everything airy while cute baby clothes and that adorable whale give this nursery just the right touch of whimsy. Check out those paddles displaying the baby clothes, gorgeous!

Adorable Classic Style


Here is another nursery in browns and creams, but the style of this one feels a bit different from the other brown and cream I featured so I had to include it. This nursery has a classic feel, almost like you walked in a modern version of Christopher Robin’s nursery from Winnie The Pooh. Gorgeous!

Teepee With Color


So the standout in this nursery is for sure that teepee. I can see once the baby grows just a little a lot of fun playing peekaboo, reading and playing in that teepee! I also was drawn to the pop of color in this room added with the simple banner. Beautiful!

So which of these gender neutral nursery ideas do you love? Tell me in the comments!

12 thoughts on “7 Ideas To Make A Blissful Gender Neutral Nursery”

  1. As a mom of twin girks, it wasn’t really a consideration. We went with colors and item we liked and that sufficed. I do see the value of it though.

  2. These are such cute ideas!! I love the idea of a gender neutral nursery I know a couple of people who had the opposite of what the docs told them at the ultra sound! Love the sunshine and yellow!

  3. Those are all such great ideas! I love that the colors are neutral so they go with anything. The ocean one is so cute!

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