5 Perfect Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts Every New Parent Will Love

With a ton of baby showers coming up, I didn’t really want to flood another nursery with the same pink and blues that everyone usually brings. I love these ideas for gender-neutral baby gifts! They really stand out in a sea of traditional colors. Plus they're perfect for moms who are keeping the gender a surprise!

Have you seen any good gender neutral baby gifts out there in your shopping travels recently? I’m in need of inspiration! My good friend just recently announced she is pregnant and wants the gender to be a surprise. Great, I’m so excited to find out! Except… now what do I get her for a present?

So many of the items out there for babies are specifically geared towards boys or girls, how DO you buy a gift for a friend who would prefer gender neutral gifts? Yes, you could get something with pink sparkles for a boy or blue elephants for a girl, but I would rather not stir the pot with my baby gift. I would rather find something neutral and focus more on the excitement of this amazing brand new baby! I took an informal poll of some of my closest friends and looked to the internet for some inspiration. Here are some of the ideas I came up with for a great gender neutral baby gift!

Pick The Perfect Gender Neutral Baby Gift That Parents Will Love

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One of my favorite gifts that I received when my daughter was born was books. Books were something we could never have too many of, as we spent many a night in our rocking chair reading to our daughter. There are so many good books out there. If you are stumped, I recommend checking out Sandra Boyton’s adorable collection.


An excersaucer is a bigger gift that was so very appreciated when my baby got to be about four months old. This toy allows the baby to bounce and explore safely. There are a few of these that are decked out in purple princess or construction trucks, but I have also seen many that are in primary colors perfect for a boy or a girl


Blocks are a classic toy that sometimes is overlooked when picking out a gift for a young baby. Babies are chewing and exploring much quicker than mom and dad expect. A set of classic wooden alphabet blocks could be the perfect gift. Stick to oversized chunky blocks that are safe for the baby to put in their mouth.

Bath Toys And Towels

There are so many adorable options out there for gender neutral bath supplies. Pick between colorful animal squirters, rubber ducks, letters and more in this super colorful baby section. Top off your gift with an adorable ducky hooded towel and some baby soap and lotion, and it’s simply adorable!

Diaper Cake

If you are crafty, a diaper cake is a very thoughtful gift that also makes a super gift from a group for new parents. The basics are you buy a pack of diapers (I stick to size 2 or 3 since babies grow so fast) that you secure in the shape of a cake. When the diapers are secure and stacked, you can decorate with ribbon and other small baby gifts such as teethers, a stuffed animal, bibs or other smaller baby gifts. Instead of a baby bottle, I snuck a bottle of wine and a note into the center for my friends to celebrate after the baby was born. You gotta try making one!

So what do you think lovely readers, would you buy these gender neutral baby gifts?

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13 thoughts on “5 Perfect Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts Every New Parent Will Love”

  1. Our 7 month old loves her Exersaucer, as has all of our children! My cousin is expecting her first baby soon, so this gives me some more ideas since she’s Team Green!

  2. So many great ideas. I love the diaper cake. I’ve made a few . Usually with cloth diapers, but I would for sure love one this time around with disposables!

  3. These are perfect gift ideas. I have a friend that is expecting but they are waiting to find out what it is until the birth. I have been trying to think of a good baby shower gift..

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