Fitness with Your Baby: How to Stay in Shape With an Infant

Wondering how to stay in shape with an infant? Check out these fun tips for fitness with a baby! It's easier than you might think to workout with an infant!

Fitness with your baby? Yes, it’s possible! Let’s set the scene: You just had a baby and you are wondering how you can stay fit and still show your baby all the attention he craves.  The good news is that you can!  There are plenty of moves to do at home to get fit and still entertain your baby.  You may not be making it to the gym like you used to but these at-home moves and some consistency will get you back into shape!

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Fitness with Your Baby: How to Stay in Shape With an Infant

Squats: These are great to do with baby, it’s just added weight!  Be sure that you are doing correct form, weight in the heels, butt back and knees over feet.  Holding your child facing you and arms out, squat.  On the up, remember to squeeze your buttocks, and push your hips forward while raising your baby above your head.  She will think this game is so fun and you might even forget that you are working your booty!

Pushups: Lay your baby on his back and get yourself into pushup position.  This can be on your knees if you until you feel stronger.  With your hands shoulder width apart, go down to the floor, kissing your baby, and then push back up.  You can change up the pushup by widening your arms.

Planks: Similar to the pushup, but you stay stationary.  This will work your entire body!  You can start out on your knees if you are new to these.  The stance is the same as a pushup, hands shoulder width apart but you should be on your forearms and on your toes, feet are hip width apart (if you are off your knees).  Don’t forget to set your timer, and lay your baby in front of your on the floor so you can talk to him while you hold this difficult yet necessary position.

Sit ups: Have your baby facing you on your belly and resting his back on your bent thighs.  When you come up for a rep, give him a kiss and then go back down, keeping your shoulders off the floor.

Lunges: Holding your baby close to you (and facing you) he will help with added weight as you do lunges!  Remember to only bend your knees 90 degrees and keeping your knee over your ankle, not in front (that’s just asking for injury).  Your baby will love going up and down with you and think its a fun game!

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Throw in some cardio or some yoga and you are well on your way to being the fit mom you hoped you could be!  You will find that you do not have to have a gym membership to get back into shape.  Who knows, you might even find this time with your baby very enjoyable!  Teaching them healthy habits young is key!

Want to see Mom & Baby exercising together? Watch this video


What did you do to get back into shape after having a baby? Do you have any cool ideas fitness with your baby ideas?  Share your healthy tips below!

22 thoughts on “Fitness with Your Baby: How to Stay in Shape With an Infant”

  1. Love all of the tips. When I’m stuck inside I am going to give these a try. I love to run with my baby boy in the jogging stroller when it’s nice out.

  2. Great tips, so many moms can’t think of ways to exercise with an infant and I really love these tips. If anything you can also get out the stroller and go walking!

  3. These are such great tips. Just because you have a baby around doesn’t mean you can’t be active. It also teaches the baby to love physical activity. They associate the bonding with the movement. Great!

  4. Oh planks, how I love to hate you. HA! Those are the hardest things to do, yet I always feel so accomplished when I do them.

  5. These are awesome ideas. I should really have done more of that when my son was a baby. Of course, he’s 14 now, and I’m STILL not really working out… =/

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