Book Review: Beyond The Diaper Bag

Beyond The Diaper Bag Book
Beyond The Diaper Bag by Megan Bekkedahl and Melaina Lausen
When setting out to write a review for Beyond the Diaper Bag, I was expecting to crack open another How-To baby book filled with do’s and don’ts. What is bound between these 311 pages is as far removed from a typical baby book as you can get. I was pleasantly surprised to find a collection of poems, and anecdotes. These are filled with advice, encouragement, and hilarity from women who have been down the same journey called motherhood.


I always try to capture my very first thoughts and feelings when setting out to write a review.  I didn’t even make it through the Dedications before I was blubbering into my coffee. And then I was scrambling for tattered Kleenex that’s been un-stuffed and re-stuffed in the box by an industrious 2 year old. I won’t lie, some of the language borders on crude. But this book is relevant because it goes to places that other baby books dare not go. It is relatable, honest, and you’ll find yourself laughing in a funny-because-it’s-true kind of way. At other moments I shed a tear for the depth at which Motherhood effects us.

There are a few story titles that resonated more strongly with me:

“Touched By An Angel.” (pages 53, 54, 55) is a story submitted by a mom who struggled to feel connected with her yet-to-be-born baby. And “Feeding Sammy” (pages 63, 64) hit a nerve with me too. This mom struggled with breastfeeding her newborn and had to make a difficult decision as a result. I believe there is a story most anyone can relate to when they review this collection from women who have been there too.After review, I would buy Beyond the Diaper Bag because I love to support family and children’s charities. 100% of the proceeds of this book help support The Mommies Network, a non-profit charity. Who is this charity?

Friendship and support for your parenting journey.

The Mommies Network is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping moms find support and friendship in their local community. We started as one chapter and launched as network of chapters in 2005. Now we have about 100 communities across the country and over 25,000 active members.
Quote extracted from (08/14/11).

I highly recommend Beyond the Diaper Bag. And would buy it for a friend or sister, whether they were expecting, or already mothers of infants, toddlers, or young children. I would even buy it for myself, because after review I am able to laugh about some of my own experiences… Now that I am 2 years into the motherhood journey. This book is written by mother’s who are honest enough to take the reader beyond the place most informational baby books do. I’m sure we could all add our own story and join ranks with this great collection found in the pages of Beyond the Diaper Bag.

More Book Details-

Title: Beyond the Diaper Bag.

By: Megan Bekkedahl, and Melaina Lausen

ISBN: 978-1-257-04638-6


Retail Price: $20.00

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