BabyNome Uses Your Child’s DNA To Give You the Best Nutrition Plan

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Imagine if there was a way for you to know exactly what you should feed your child from her first birthday to college with one test. You’d know early on that your baby is at risk of developing a vitamin deficiency later in life, or if she’ll need more of a specific mineral. You could start creating meal plans for her high school years before she’s even out of diapers!  That’s what BabyNome and Neutrogenomics can do for you: give you the data you need to make the most well-informed nutritional choices.

Create the Ideal Nutrition Plan for Your Child with BabyNome 

Using your child’s saliva, BabyNome analyzes all the DNA information available to identify genetic characteristics that are currently known for predisposing your baby to things like:

  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Metabolic disorders or other dietary needs

They take that DNA profile and use the result of over 400 cutting edge studies that link more than 2071 genetic mutations to create a completely personalized report for babies and kids from ages 12 months to 7 years of age.

BabyNome uses the results from the 23andMe genetic testing, a company that provides ancestral data based on your DNA. If you’ve already had the test done, BabyNome pulls the data right from the report, so you don’t need to pay to do it a second time. If you have not had the 23andMe report generated, you’ll be able to order both through BabNome. So you get personalized nutrition data and a really neat ancestry report!

I think it’s important to note- and for parents to remember- that genetic research is far from complete. We’ve mapped the genome, yes, but we’re still learning. BabyNome is an amazing resource, but they’re not offering medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about any concerns regarding allergies or nutrition for your child.

What do You Get With Your BabyNome Report?

BabyNome provides quite a bit of information for just $99 (it’s an extra $99 if you didn’t get the 23andMe report already)! You’ll get a 50-page report covering more than 40 nutritional and metabolism traits, including details about your child’s vitamins, minerals and metabolic & diet characteristics. Plus, if you’ve already done the 23andMe genetic testing, you’ll get the report within  24 hours!

Pretty impressive, right? I am thinking about getting this for my brother as a gift. My niece is almost two and they have another baby on the way. We just found out that celiac disease runs in our genes and it seems my brother’s gene activated. He’s really worried about food sensitivities in his kids, so this would actually be a pretty cool baby shower gift!


Right now, if you support BabyNome on Indiegogo, you’ll be able to get the 23andMe Genetic Test Kit + the BabyNome Total Nutrition Report for $50 off! Plus they have a family package with a parent version of the report, so you can find out some pretty impressive information about yourself! Check out all the other great donor gifts they’re offering during the Indiegogo campaign.

Support BabyNome on Idiegogo now!

How would BabyNome help you make decisions about your child’s nutrition? What part of the report interests you the most?

25 thoughts on “BabyNome Uses Your Child’s DNA To Give You the Best Nutrition Plan”

  1. This would be great information for any parent with little ones. I love how much technology has changed and parents can so easily find out more about their children than we could when my kids were little.

  2. This is quite interesting! I love the idea of finding out what your kids need in terms of nutrition and what to avoid as well. It will definitely help moms when it comes to planning meals.

  3. Holy cow, what will they come up with next? This reminds me of when my brother took an at-home blood test that was supposed to reveal the best diet plan for his body. I don’t think he did it right, so we never found out the results.

  4. Very interesting. I have been a parent for 16 years and this is the first I have ever heard of this. Having this information would be very helpful in knowing how to better help our kiddos nutritionally.

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