Carry Your Baby Comfortably with BABYBJÖRN Carrier We

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When you’ve got young kids a simple trip out of the house can be quite a circus. With the addition of our youngest in May, my family now consists of three children under the age of 5. Getting us out of the house on my own isn’t impossible it just requires a little more planning. Wearing the baby gives me an advantage because I’m then hands free (no hauling a heavy infant carseat) and the baby is happier when being snuggled close to me.

BABYBJÖRN Carrier We Review: Carry Your Baby Comfortably!

The Baby Carrier We is the newest baby carrier by BABYBJÖRN. BABYBJÖRN is a Swedish family-owned business that started in 1961 by Björn Jakobson. The company’s mission is to make day-to-day life easier for parents through innovative products that are both safe and high quality. BABYBJÖRN developed its first child carrier in 1973 after new research findings showed the importance of eye contact and physical closeness between parents in the first six months of a child’s life.

The Baby Carrier We has a carrying capacity from 8 pounds to 33 pounds. This allows parents to carry their children from birth to about 3 years in one of three inward or back carrying positions. It has a wide padded waist belt as well as padded shoulder straps. The Baby Carrier We is constructed from non-toxic cotton fabric and is also machine washable.


This carrier is sleek and simple to use. First, the shoulder straps are lowered over my head as if I’m putting on a shirt. I can easily adjust the back yoke by moving the strap vertically and pulling sideways. Unlike other carriers, this is much easier than trying to attach another buckle on my back while trying to hold the baby to my chest.


On my first attempt with the Baby Carrier We, I was able to get baby Liam in safely without any additional hands. The front buckle and head support locked in place with a clear “click” and I pulled the shoulder straps at each side for a snug fit. The Baby Carrier We was very comfortable to wear and I felt like it was very sturdy as well. In addition to my own comfort, baby Liam’s bottom and legs appeared to be supported with a wide seat. His neck and back were also held close to me and didn’t seem to flop around at all.   When I was finished with the carrier I was able to roll it up small enough to fit in my diaper bag.


I did notice that Liam’s face was right about where the shoulder straps meet the front of the carrier. I wondered if that would bother him, but instead he sucked on the straps and appeared to be pretty content. BABYBJÖRN must have already thought of this as I saw on their website that teething pads will be available to purchase soon for the Baby Carrier We. This is also where it’s great to have a carrier made from non-toxic and washable materials!

The Baby Carrier We’s sleek black design has even gotten my husband’s attention. A couple of times now he’s volunteered to carry Liam when we go out and easily adjusts the carrier to his own fit. This is not only adorable to see, but also gives mom a little break when dad can share the load.


I currently carry Liam in just one of three positions that this carrier offers. There is a zipper inside the seat that will open thus allowing more room for babies and toddlers from about 4 months to 36 months. The third position that this carrier provides is a back carry that allows parents to carry their children on their back at about a year all the way to 3 years or 33 pounds. These three positions allow parents to use the Baby Carrier We for three years. As a parent I think this is a huge benefit. Products that will grow with my children are not just convenient but also economical.

Find out more about the Baby Carrier We on the BABYBJÖRN website There you can find a list of online retailers like Amazon that currently sell the Baby Carrier We. It currently retails for $139.95 and can be purchased in black or black with white dots. Check out  BABYBJÖRN on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news!

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103 thoughts on “Carry Your Baby Comfortably with BABYBJÖRN Carrier We”

  1. I have a baby bjorn carrie im not sure how old with poor hip support. im glad this one has better hip support. my carrier also can only carry babies. I love the look of this carrier.

  2. There is a special facing-in carrying position for newborns to allow you to carry your baby high up on your chest and close to your heart. This provides you with eye contact and all-important closeness, while allowing you to supervise your baby’s breathing.

  3. I love that the Baby Carrier We has three front and back carrying positions and that the front part of the baby carrier opens up to enable me to lift my child out quickly and easily.


  4. I love that it can be used for so long! Toddlers can grow to hate strollers, and always want to be held! This would make it so much easier!

  5. Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you all a quick update. I received the BABY BJORN teething pads and they are fantastic! Each one slides up the shoulder straps where baby tends to suck and chew. Just like the Baby Carrier We, these teething pads are also machine washable!

  6. I like how you can use it until the child is three years old,I love the padding it has and the support,I know my back wont hurt as much,but what I love the most is I am able to hold my baby close to me and still have my hands free when i am shopping and still feel that my baby is happy getting to be held and contented,and I’m happy because I love being able to cuddle my baby!

  7. I love that you can start using it when they are 8 pounds. I also love how they offer the teething things to go on the straps!

  8. I love that All fabrics are kind to your baby’s skin and safe to taste. Free from health hazardous substances. Great carrier. Love how versatile it is.

  9. We love Baby Bjorn! In fact, we just got the Baby Bjorn Miracle for baby #3 who’s now a month old, and we’ve used the original and Active carriers in the past with 1 and 2. I like how the Baby Bjorn We looks like it’s more comfortable, with more even support around baby’s torso.

  10. I like how wide the waist belt is. I’ve tried a lot of carriers out, and the width of the wait belt seems to be key for comfort.

  11. I love that the BabyBjörn carrier is adjustable and is sturdy enough to hold more weight. It would have been nice to have had to use with my kids a few years back–it looks very practical and convenient.

  12. I like that it takes pressure off the wearers hipa, but also that it does the same for the baby by not letting their legs dangle downward.

  13. First time mom and and love baby carriers. Everyone I know has recommended BabyBjorn. I love that this version grows with your baby. Whats not to love it -gives you 3 positions, seems comfortable, non toxic, and machine washable…awesome!

  14. I love that there are 3 carrying positions for kids 0-3 years old. I also like the sturdy waist belt and padded should straps for a comfortable fit.

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