Baby-Proof Cabinets Easily Without Tools with Rimiclip!

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When Jacob was a baby, I dreaded the task of child-proofing my kitchen. I had these weird old cabinets that were impossible to get screws through. I ended up with these stick-on things that, once placed, NEVER came off. I stuck them on lopsided. So they weren’t just hideously attached for life, they were also crooked for all eternity. There HAS to be an easier way, right? Well, now there is!

The Rimiclip!

What is the Rimiclip?

The Rimiclip is such a simple “why didn’t I think of that” child cabinet lock that requires NO TOOLS OR SCREWS. It also has no weird superglue-like adhesive. Check out the video to see it in action:

As you can see, Rimiclip installs instantly on your cabinets without causing permanent damage. Just put the clip on the door, slide the arm into the slots on the back of the clip and close the door.



No drills, no screwdrivers, no mommy standing there crying because she’s left with unsightly lopsided cabinet locks for all eternity! Check out all the great features of the Rimiclip:

  • INSTANTLY installed
  • Easy for an adult to remove or disengage
  • Hard and durable plastic construction for both clip and arm, resists breaking
  • Rubber lining on clip protects doors and provides grip
  • Rubber Lining on arm catch provides a soft surface when the arm engages with the door frame, while also providing grip, preventing the catch from slipping on the frame
  • Adjustable height to accommodate a wide range of cabinet styles


Erik Hansen, a designer and inventor from San Diego, came up with the idea for Rimiclip because his friends kept asking him to help them install the complicated and frustrating cabinet door locks currently on the market today.  After nearly 2 years of development, hundreds of prototypes, multiple test families, and countless hours of 3D printing, he is ready to bring the Rimiclip to market! He needs YOUR help to do that!

Help bring Rimiclip to market!

Every house with babies needs a Rimiclip, don’t you think? So how about we help Erik get it there? Erik is  crowdfunding the Rimiclip on GoFundMe. Your contribution gets you Rimiclips before they hit the store shelves, so you can use it for your tiny tots! All the manufacturing will be done right here in the USA.

I just love the simple yet incredibly functional design of the Rimiclip. I wish I had one when Jake was little. Now, I have a niece, a best friend with a baby on the way, and more nieces and nephews in the future. I don’t need permanent baby-proofing solutions anymore. I would LOVE to keep Rimiclips on hand for when friends and family with babies come over, since I can take the clips off when they leave! You can stash a set in your diaper baby for when you go visiting too!

We like supporting new businesses! Especially great ideas that will help keep babies safe while making parents’ lives easier. Get over to and secure your Rimiclips today! Let’s get this product to market!

Head over to NOW to secure your Rimiclips!


29 thoughts on “Baby-Proof Cabinets Easily Without Tools with Rimiclip!”

  1. These are exactly what I need. I’m a grandma that doesn’t like having these on my cupboards but it’s necessary when the kids are here. I can put these on where they are over and then remove them the 90% of the time. Perfect!

  2. omg these sound great!! Is it bad that I think my house needs “baby proofing” more now… My daughter is 3… Than when she was younger lol… The child gets into everything…. So annoying lol

  3. This looks like a great idea!! I will pass this on to my brother, his baby just turned one and is about to start walking! They will need all the baby proofing tools they can get!!

  4. We put something like this up when little man was born. We got so used to it that we just took them off (he’s 7!), hahahaa!! True story. 🙂

  5. Robin {Masshole Mommy}

    Those look really handy for keeping kids out of cabinets. I wish I had had some of these a few years ago!

  6. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Can you believe that I never baby-proofed our house?! Our son just knew to stay away from everything and now he’s two and still doesn’t go near what he’s not supposed to.

  7. I love how simple these are to install. I will have to get some for a friend of mine. She just moved and needs to baby prof the new house.

  8. Sounds like improved baby clips. I had to use the ones that screw into the cabinets. I hope they haven’t already done too much damage, but will share the news about this new version with my soon-to-be parent friends.

  9. These look great! I wish I would have known about these when my kids were little. Baby proofing can take forever! I love that this seems a lot quicker and simpler.

  10. What an easy way to baby proof, or pet proof your cabinets. I will definitely have to share this info. Thanks!

    1. Hi Stacie!

      Glad you like the idea! It is nice to be able to just throw it on, and take it off if you don’t need it anymore or want to take it on vacation…

      If you need some Rimiclips, we would love your support! You can preorder at the GoFundMe site… If not, maybe you know someone that does? Maybe a share on Facebook? GoFundMe has a very easy “Share on Facebook” button…

      We have to get the word out ASAP so we can get this funded and bring the Rimiclip to market!!

      Please reach out if you have any questions!



  11. This looks great! I definitely need to get some of these. My littlest doesn’t get into much but when he does all my shopping bags end up everywhere!

    1. Hi Jeanine!

      Glad to hear you like them! They work great… Its been 2 years, and I’m confident that we have something great!

      Quickest way to get some is to support the crowdfunding campaign, we have several options there, and that will get you the first ones off the line!

      If you could support us on facebook (they have a nice share button on GoFundMe) that would be awesome! The only way we can get the Rimiclips to market is to spread the word, and get this campaign funded!

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


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