16 Incredibly Sweet Baby Names that Mean Love

How sweet are these 16 baby names that mean “love” in different languages?

If you’re expecting new bundle of joy soon, why not consider a few baby names that mean love in different languages? There is no greater love than the love that a mom has for her baby! We wait months to meet the beautiful miracle that has grown inside of us. Our hearts love this little human being long before we ever meet him/her. We don’t think there’s any better way to honor this love than to give your baby a name that means love! Besides, the world always needs more love! Here are 16 names, for boys and girls, that mean love.

Baby Names that Mean Love in Different Languages

Girls names

  1. Aiko. This name is from the Japanese culture. It means the little loved one. We think this name is super cute!
  2. Carys. Welsh names aren’t overly popular these days. Give your baby girl a unique name that means love.
  3. Amara. Let your daughter know just how amazing she is with this name. Amara is Greek for lovely forever.
  4. Kalila. Arabic names are always so unique. This baby girl’s name means dearly loved.
  5. Esme. You may know this name from the movie Twilight. Esme is Persian and means beloved and esteemed.
  6. Femi. This name comes from old Egyptian times. It simple means love.
  7. Imogen. This name has grown in popularity recently! It is Greek for beloved child.
  8. Amanda. Amanda is a name that has been widely used for decades. It is a British name that means one who is worthy of love.

Boys names

  1. Aziz. This is an Arabic name that means the beloved. We love names with Zs in them as they are super unique!
  2. Connelly. The Irish name means love and friendship. This name is a unique replacement for Connor.
  3. David. This name is common, but it is engulfed in love. The name is very traditional but is still common today.
  4. Lennan. Don’t confuse this name with Lennon. Lennan is an Irish name for lover.
  5. Amias. If you have a love for Latin, this is a great name for your baby boy. The name means loved.
  6. Darrell. Did you know that this name means beloved? This was a popular name during the 1960s.
  7. Ezio. This name originates in Israel. It means friend and lover. We like this name for its uniqueness.
  8. Kiefer. Kiefer is an Irish name that means beloved and handsome. What a great way to celebrate Irish roots!

I was surprised to find that some common names, like Amanda and David, had such strong connections to the word “love,” how about you? If these names just aren’t for you, check out some of my other favorite baby names! How about these darling Irish names, or these 35 Enchanting Disney Names.

What are your favorite baby names that mean love? Share below!

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