9 Essentials to Pack in Your Baby’s Summer “Go” Bag #OhJoyForJohnsons

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We are a busy, on-the-go family this summer!  From weekends away to a couple of road trips we have planned, we’re always planning an adventure! Sometimes we just wake up and say “let’s go!” Want to know my secret for making spontaneous trips easier? I keep at least one “go” bag ready at all times. I have 7-year-old and a toddler, so there are some essentials I need close at hand, even when I’m spontaneous. 

Since the summer is all about fun, I don’t want to pack just any old boring looking essentials?  JOHNSON’S®, the #1 baby skincare brand, partnered with Oh Joy! a brand and blog that focuses on food, fun, and design!  The Oh Joy! collection brings a touch of color and fun to band-aids, lotions and some other things I need to pack in there! Here some things that I have on my list to pack in my summer bag. 

Summer Bag Essentials for Traveling with Baby

  • Band-aids: because I have kids, so accidents are bound to happen!
  • Light blanket: it may be summer, but my son loves a light blanket.
  • Johnson’s baby lotion: let’s be honest, it smells amazing! Also helps soothe the itch of dry skin after being in the sun all day.


  • Hand sanitizer: again, I have kids, and you don’t always have access to soap and water.
  • Tissues
  • Baby wipes: if you are a mom, you know these are a must-have!
  • Sippy cup: it is easier for my one-year-old to drink out of than him giving himself a bath from a bottle of water.
  • Extra clothes: in case he does actually get a hold of that water bottle.
  • Bathing suit and towel: living in Florida, I have learned that having a bathing suit in your car is a must, you never know when you will find some water to play in.  It wouldn’t hurt for you to have one too no matter where you live, it is summer; you never know where you might end up in a day!


For my weekends away and the road trip, we have planned, I will also be packing Johnson’s baby bedtime bath and lotion because, as you might know, sometimes being away from home it can be difficult to get your little one to sleep.

I know first hand this Johnson’s baby bedtime bath and lotion helps to soothe him!  I will, of course, be packing the Oh Joy! Collection because I think their designs and colors are fun and who doesn’t love a pop of color on an everyday product? They’re sold exclusively at Target and Target.com, but hurry! These products are only available for a limited time (until 7/22/16 or when sold out)!

Summer is full of on-the-go fun times as well as laid back relaxing times.  However you choose to spend your summer, you still need a summer bag right? Check out all the great products in the JOHNSON’S® Baby Care Product Line! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with the news.

What do you need in your “go” bag this summer?  What will make the traveling and relaxing times more enjoyable knowing you have what you need on hand?  Share with us in the comment section below!


24 thoughts on “9 Essentials to Pack in Your Baby’s Summer “Go” Bag #OhJoyForJohnsons”

  1. What a great list!!! We love johnsons products! That lavender nighttime lotion was a life saver when my daughter was super little

  2. I loved using these products when my girls were younger. Johnson was one of my favorite brands and still is for babies. I love the smell of their products as well.

  3. This all seems really helpful! When I was a nanny, that bedtime bath and lotion was a LIFESAVER. I swear by it, as it works so well to soothe and calm them. You have to love that lavender.

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    These are indeed awesome things for a travel bag for the little ones. I did not know that Johnson’s made bedtime lotion or bath now. I would make sure to have these items and enough diapers too. Thanks for sharing the list.

  5. I may be an adult but I love Johnson and Johnson lotions and washes!! They moisturize like no other and make a great bubble bath!! HA!!

  6. My little man loves the bedtime wash. I am so excited by the new packaging. It’s so bright and cheery and certainly gets me in the mood for bed time.

  7. It’s so important to have all of these items on hand when traveling with baby. I don’t miss packing so much when my kids were little! Now all I need to pack are snacks!

  8. These are great essentials for babies and though i don’t have a baby anymore. I still swear by them still and rave about this products to family and friends.

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