9 Activities for Babies Age 3-6 Months That You Never Thought Of

Think you can't really find activities for babies age 3-6 months? Think again! Check out 9 fun ways to play to help them reach those milestones!

Think you can’t really find activities for babies age 3-6 months? Think again! Sure, you can’t really break out all the craft supplies and have arts and crafts time with infants, but there are still plenty of fun ways to play together that help them reach their milestones! The key is to think simple. We’ve gathered up a few fabulously easy ways to really engage with your infant. Check them out!

Activities for Babies age 3-6 Months

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When babies reach this age, they’ve already learned so much about you and themselves. Now they show excitement when spoken to or played with by giggling or waving arms and legs, they can tell your mood and it affects them either positively or negatively, they’re starting to understand their little bodies like their fingers, hands, toes and often plays with them. They also love to grab onto other items like hair, toys, glasses, clips, name badges, etc.

Now is the time to introduce more activities into their daily routines so they can continue to function like a little human and understand how much fun the world can be. We’ve researched and found 9 great play ideas for you and baby. But be warned, these activities may result in a lot of giggles and smiles.

Airplane Ride

As soon as your baby has control of his head and can keep it up, this is a good game to play with them. Lie down on the floor with your feet together and knees bent. Cradle your baby under their arms, lifting them in the air and moving them around, then back down for landing. As children get older this can take on many variances, and don’t forget to add your own sound effects for more fun.

Pick Ups

Do you remember the game pick up sticks?  This is similar, but a lot less complicated. Sit your baby on your lap and give them access to small objects such as cereal, goldfish, or small toys (but not so small that they cause a choking hazard!). This will help improve their gripping and grasping abilities. Pick up a piece, then put it back down showing them how to do it. Then pick it up again, and put in in their hand, and have them put it back down or in your hand and keep up the routine.


Turn on some dance music, pick up baby and dance around with them. Add some singing to this game as it aids in the skills of listening and enjoyment of music. Bonus: it’s also a great workout for you to help get your post-baby body back in shape!


Your baby loves to hear your voice, so reading to them will make them happy and content. Keep in mind vibrant colors when choosing books to read out loud, and the soft books designed for babies to touch work wonderfully. Don’t forget to add different or silly voices to all the characters in the story.

Social Play

Itsy bitsy spider or patty cake are great game ideas to play with your baby. They get to interact even more with you so this makes them happier and full of laughter and smiles.

Sound Toys

Toys that make sound are excellent ways to capture your baby’s attention. Give them toys with bells, whistles, and even lights and watch them have a blast playing.


A fan favorite for everyone. Be creative by using bright colored scarves, pillows, hands, whatever you want to cover your face and peek-a-boo at baby.

Talk, Talk, Talk

At this stage of their lives, babies will coo, or babble gibberish. Be sure that when they ‘talk’ you talk back holding a conversation with them.

Raspberries and Tummy Time

Be sure to give them tummy time throughout the day and add some toys nearby while they’re on their tummies to entertain them even more. Raspberries on said tummy will achieve more laughter and entertainment for you and your baby.

You can find hundreds of activities for babies 3-6 months old and even come up with your own ideas. We hope these will give you some inspiration for you and your baby for play time activities.

Do you have any favorite activities for babies in this age group? Share below!

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