14 Beautiful Baby Names that Mean Happiness

These 14 wonderful baby names mean happiness! How perfect are they for carrying the joy you felt when you found out you were pregnant all the way through your child’s life?

These 14 wonderful baby names mean happiness! How perfect are they for carrying the joy you felt when you found out you were pregnant all the way through your child's life?


Everyone has their own baby-naming style. Some people like to use traditional names that run throughout the family. Others are looking for names with very specific meanings. For example, maybe you want a baby name that means love? Or a gorgeous Irish name to celebrate your Celtic heritage? Or maybe you were just so overjoyed to find out that you were pregnant that you want to give your baby a name that celebrates that! In that case, here are 14 perfectly darling baby names that mean happiness that we think you’ll love!

Baby Names that Mean Happiness


1. Alisa This name originates from Hewbrew and means great happiness. This name is perfect for a baby girl.

2. Annabella This name is so sweet and adorable! It means joy and has American roots.

3. Blythe This is a name that is super unique. It means happy, carefree and cheerful. All things your new baby girl will be!

4. Luana Hawaiian names are always so beautiful! This name means happy. We like this name because it’s exotic.

5. Felicity A beautiful name with a simple but important meaning. The name means happy and fortunate.

6. Aine This is a traditional Irish name that means happiness and success. A fitting name for a growing baby!

7. Farrah This name has Arabic roots. It means joy and happiness.


1. Asher This name is so meaningful! Not only dates it mean happy or fortunate, it dates back to old times. Asher was one of Jacob’s sons in the Bible.

2. Felix This is a purely Latin name that means lucky and happy. It has been used all over the world, but was most commonly used during early Christian times.

3. Gale This is the masculine version of the name Abigail. Gale is an Irish name that means cheerful and happy.

4. Isaac Isaac is a very commonly used name. It means laughter and joy. The name grows in popularity each year.

5. Naom This name is a Jewish name, with the most notable person being Noam Chomsky. The name means joy and delight in Hebrew.

6. Marcario This is the Spanish name for Makarios. The name means happy and blessed.

7. Winston Winston is an English name that means joy stone. The name was most popular during World War II after Winston Churchill.

Who knew that so many baby names meant happiness in different ways? I was most surprise by Noam, how about you?

Do you know of any other sweet baby names that mean happiness? Share below!


16 thoughts on “14 Beautiful Baby Names that Mean Happiness”

  1. These are all sounds a beautiful baby names and I will send this to my sister she was 8 months pregnant now

  2. All of these names are wonderful. I never looked in to what my daughters name meant, to be honest I’m not sure now!

  3. How wonderful to have a name that means happiness .. that made me smile. I have a friend who’s daughter is names Annabella, I’ll have to ask her if she knew the meaning before picking out the name x

  4. Yes in every place has their own tradition about the way how to pick one name for their baby .
    The parent wishing by choosing the right one will make the kid grow as what the parent wish .

  5. It so hard to pick a name for your baby, you have to think that this is the name they will grow up with. I remember delivering my 4th baby and she had NO name for a few days. I really like OLD name. Witches Tell The Story :)

  6. Wow I never knew this. Crazy how our names can mean all these things. Its always fun to find out though.

  7. I love the name Luana and Alisa. Very elegant and I have not met many kids with those names yet. So unique and rare.

  8. Sofia Cascais Costa

    From the ones you posted I guess Alisa, Luana and Isaac are my favourites. Since I’m Portuguese, I would like to get kids named Leonor, Matilde or maybe Alice. xx

  9. I have a friend named Blythe xx I actually thought about having my future child named Isaac — now I know the meaning as well haha xx

  10. There are some lovely names here and also some I have no idea how to pronounce! I had no idea Winston meant joy stone. So interesting!

  11. I like that name as it sounds good and is an Islamic name. So for muslims this name is really a good choice. Isaac name is also good but for me Farah is the winning one

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