11 of the All-Time Best Baby Memes That Will Crack You Up

Baby memes always crack me up! If you need a good laugh, check out 11 of our all-time favorites that will brighten your day!

Baby memes always crack me up! It seems like babies were just made for funny captions, don’t you agree? Think about it! From those crazy little faces they make to the silly things they do while discovering the world around them, they’re absolutely perfect for meme making.  While there are hundreds of thousands out there that will definitely make you giggle,  here are some of our favorite. We hope you get a laugh out of a few of them!

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11 Best Baby Memes

1. Sometimes your kid looks like he wants to punish you!

2. That face when you know your kid is just about to throw a temper tantrum.

3. The dog is always to blame.

4. The baby doctor always has a diagnosis.

5. The face you get when it’s time to leave the playground.

6. Somethings in life are better left unexplained.

7. This is the pure truth.

8. It’s so hard to not look at an angry baby and say “aww!”

9. The look you get when you’re the only one eating.

10. We sometimes hate that this is reality!

11. We all know the look when your kid asks for something and there’s none left.

How stinking cute are all those darling baby memes? Like puppies and kittens, I could probably spend all day just looking at adorable pictures of babies. Seriously, if I won millions of dollars, that would be my new hobby! Even when I’m having a bad day, one hilarious meme can be enough to turn it around.

What about you? Do you have any favorite baby memes? Tell me all about it below! I can’t wait to see it!

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