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by Nicole Etolen


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New on Netflix, One Day at a Time is THE family comedy you need to be watching! Check out the trailer & find out why we love this show so much!

Have you heard the big news? One Day at a Time is back and streaming on Netflix right now! The family dynamic that we all loved as kids has been rebooted for a whole new generation. Since it’s created by Norman Lear, the visionary behind the original, you know it’s going to be fantastic! Check out the trailer, then I’ll tell you a bit more about why One Day at a Time is quickly going to become your family’s favorite comedy show to watch together!


Why Everyone Should Watch One Day at a Time on Netflix

If you were a fan of the original One Day at a Time, you know that the show is about a single mom trying to raise two teenage daughters. It was one of the most iconic shows of the 1970s and 80s. Here’s a fun fact, Mackenzie Phillips (who played the older daughter) actually lived in my town in the Poconos for a while!

The new One Day at a Time, now streaming the entire first season on Netflix, features the same beloved family dynamic, but this time following the life of three generations of a Cuban-American family living in the same house: a newly divorced former military mom, her teen daughter & tween son, and her old-school mother. Of course, there is also Schnieder, the only character with the same name as the original show. This time, Schnieder is a well-off hipster who loves hanging out with the family because he envies their closeness.

The show is so relatable because we can all see ourselves in the family in one way or another. I was a single mom up until a few months ago to my now-tween son, my mom lives with us, and I am a former Navy wife. As you can imagine, I can totally relate to Penelope’s experiences. Even my husband can relate to the experiences of Penelope. In one episode, she sits on hold with the VA waiting to get approval for treatment for a service-connected injury. I’ve watched my husband sit for hours on hold with the VA for the same exact reason.

I really love that Lear brought issues that our veterans deal with every day to the front of the storyline because I think that many people are unaware of what our vets go through. The show also brings other sensitive issues forward, including PTSD and immigration. Wrapping these issues in comedy doesn’t take away from their seriousness. Instead, it makes them more relatable and gets a message across without seeming confrontational. It also gives the characters a lot more dimension and substance.

As much as I loved the original, I really feel like I can relate to this One Day at a Time a bit better. I was a baby when the original first aired (I was actually born the same year it came out), so most of my memories of the show involve the much later seasons towards the end of the series (it ended in 1984), or of watching it in repeats when we got cable. As a child, I just thought Schnieder was funny. Now that I am an adult who went through similar life experiences as Penelope, I can see a lot more of myself in the show. That makes me want to continue to tune in (stream in?) and see what happens next.

Even if you’re not a single mom or a veteran (or vet’s wife), chances are you can relate to at least one aspect of Penelope’s life. Whether you’re raising teens or tweens of your own, living under the same roof as your parents, or just trying to do your best to raise happy, healthy kids in today’s world, you’re going to love One Day at a Time.

Remember, the entire first season is now streaming on Netflix! If you can’t see the trailer above, check it out on YouTube!

Have you already watched One Day at a Time on Netflix? What was your favorite episode? Share in the comments!

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