Five Ways to Ruin a Super Bowl Party

by Rodney Southern


If you want to ruin a Super Bowl party, these five things are surefire ways to do it! On the other hand, if you want an amazing party, don't do them!

A Super Bowl party should be a fun event that everyone enjoys, remembers, and looks forward to repeating. Just in case you’re hoping to ruin a perfectly good Super Bowl party, here are five surefire ways to do just that. On the other hand, if you want to be an amazing guest, DON’T do these things!

Five Ways to Ruin a Super Bowl Party

Take the Game Too Seriously


Sure, fans can become pretty rabid when they’re watching their favorite team, but if you really want to ruin a Super Bowl party, take the game too seriously. This means be angry over every play or call that doesn’t go your team’s way, assume that all four quarters are a matter of life and death, and take everything personally. After all, what better way to ruin a great party than to be contentious, obnoxious, argumentative, and just plain no fun?

Antagonize Other Guests

One quick way to ruin a Super Bowl party is to belittle and antagonize other guests. Someone else is rooting for the other team? Be sure to mock them, be condescending, and insulting. That will certainly send a great party on a quick path to destruction.


Whether it’s with alcohol, Super Bowl party food or anything else, overindulging is a great way to ruin a Super Bowl party. At best, you’ll get sick and possibly embarrass yourself. At worst, depending on your indulgence, you could end up acting like an obnoxious fool. Who doesn’t love being the talk of the town the next day…for all the wrong reasons?

Damage Furniture or Other Items

It’s easy to celebrate when your team scores a touchdown, but if you want to take the party to the next level of ruin, it’s always a good idea to damage something. Break a chair, stain some cushions, ruin some carpet, destroy a lamp — this shows that you are seriously committed to ruining the party!

Be a Poor Sport

No one likes to see their team lose and being a poor sport is yet another effective way to ruin a Super Bowl party. When the other team scores, kick something! When the other team is doing well, pout and throw something at the television. Curse at the other guests who are celebrating when their team is ahead. Be sure to include plenty of insults and expletives for good measure and maybe consider throwing food at the other guests.

In order to ruin a great Super Bowl party, you need to employ a few qualities and attitudes. Being obnoxious, overbearing, belittling, rude, and angry are certainly important qualities to have when you want to take down a whole party. So if your goal is to not enjoy a party during the biggest game of the year but instead you hope to have a lousy time and ruin it for everyone else, follow these tips and you’re sure to score a touchdown of your own. Just don’t expect to be invited to any Super Bowl parties in the future.

What behaviors or activities do you think are surefire ways to ruin a Super Bowl party? Tell us in the comments. 

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