Five Perfect Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

by Nicole Etolen


Get ready for the big game with our perfect Super Bowl party food ideas! Includes a mix of healthier snacks and your favorite once-a-year indulgences!

Aside from the game, a Super Bowl party is all about the food! If you’re looking for a few winning Super Bowl party food ideas to feed your hungry hoards of football fanatics, check these out. While we focus on healthy eating here at OurFamilyWorld, we do agree that it’s okay to splurge once in a while! Mix in a few indulgences with healthier options for the perfect Super Bowl party food ideas!

Perfect Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Nachos and Guacamole

Perfect Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Our Nachos and Guacamole recipe isn’t just incredibly easy to make, it’s also healthier than the usual nachos and cheese fare. Don’t worry, it still has some cheesy goodness in it, but the guac and veggies are definitely the stars of this show. The great thing about nachos is that you can buy them in bulk at wholesale stores, so they’re an inexpensive way to feed a crowd. If some of your party goers prefer the cheesier version, you can always melt some extra cheddar on the side for dipping.

Southwestern Snack Mix

We can’t have a list of perfect Super Bowl party food ideas without some type of snack mix, now can we? Forget the oily chips, you don’t want greasy fingers all over your remote anyway, right? This southwestern snack mix combines healthier pretzels and popcorn with the crunch of fan favorite corn chips plus, of course, some cheesy goodness!

Chutney, Cheese & Cranberry Bites

Perfect Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Our Chutney, Cheese and Cranberry bites add a bit of class to your Super Bowl party food, yet they’re still easy enough to eat while watching the big game. Serve them up on a tray of nuts to take them from holiday appetizer to a more traditional football fare.

Pizza Dip

This is a bit of an indulgence, but as long as you’re offering plenty of other healthy options, it’s okay! This food is great for large or small crowds — just adjust how much you make to accommodate. Use your slow cooker for this dish. Pour enough pizza sauce into the slow cooker crock to fill it about three quarters full. Add enough low-fat mozzarella or pizza cheese to cover the top of the sauce with a thick layer of cheese. You can add small bits of sausage or pepperoni if you’d like or leave the pizza dip with just cheese. Allow the pizza dip to heat and stir the melting cheese in occasionally.

Cook several plain pizza crusts — either ready made or homemade — then cut into small dipping squares. Put the crust chunks into a bowl or another slow cooker without the lid to keep warm. You can also serve it with crusty homemade garlic bread for dipping!

Miniature Favorites in Moderation

We’re not completely opposed to a few indulgences, especially on a day known for its indulgent food. If you want to enjoy traditional Super Bowl food like hot dogs, smoked sausages and mozzarella sticks, just miniaturize them! Go with turkey dogs instead of beef, opt for low-fat cheeses when possible. Bake foods that are traditionally fried and you’ll save a ton of fat and calories. Set out a smaller portion and mix them in with healthier options. For example, set just a few of those tiny turkey dog bites out in the middle of a tray of crunchy veggies and other wholesome snacks. As your fans are watching the game, they’ll absent-mindedly reach for snacks. Their hands will go to the healthier options first!

Be sure to provide a variety of different foods for guests at your Super Bowl party. Choose foods that are easy to eat as guests mill about and will appeal to all ages.

What are your favorite Super Bowl party food ideas? Share in the comments!

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