Great Football Home Decor For Super Bowl Fans

by Katie Hale


Looking for the coolest football home decor for Super Bowl fans? Check out some of our favorites, from DIY projects to cool home decor you can buy!

There are tons of football fans out there that throw elaborate parties for game day events, and these ideas for Great Football Home Decor For Super Bowl Fans are sure to suit them.  Whether you are all about the tailgating with drinks, wings and snacks, or you are all about watching the game with the guys, this list will make your place the place to be.  Fun home decor is something different for everyone, but football and Super Bowl fans take it even more seriously.  Whether it is a team you follow, or the game itself you’ll love these ideas!


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Team Color Coat Rack:  Simple coat racks hang inside entryways for many people.  A board, some paint and either vinyl lettering or a stencil can create the team logo to show your fan support easily while being a functional part of your home.

Football home decor

Mini Pennant Set:  This set has all the teams at your fingertips. Hang them individually or gather up to create a banner to hang on your wall.  These are great for so many purposes around the house!

Team Color Wreath:  These fun and easy to make wreaths are great for showing team spirit year round.  Make one for every sports team you love.  Ribbons, penants, mini jerseys and ribbon can be pulled together to make a beautiful and fun wreath for your door or wall.

Custom Canvas Prints:  Use a great canvas print company to create custom canvas print with logo, team member names and stats to hang on your wall.  These are tons of fun to make, and always super easy to customize to your preferences.

Classic Football Lamp:  Look at your local stores for fun sports team football lamps.  The base is a football shape, and often the top is colored and has great team logos on it.

Jersey Quilt Or Throw:  Gather up old jersey’s and t-shirts from your favorite teams and piece together to make a warm and colorful throw or quilt for your couch.  This is a great way to also put your kids old jersey’s to good use!

Creating a fun football themed home is so easy to do with great ideas like these.  Football home decor for Super Bowl fans is all about showing our love for the game. Take pride in your team and decorate with colors and themes that reflect that to anyone who comes to your home.

Do you have any favorite ideas for football home decor for Super Bowl fans? Tell us in the comments!

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